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State the grape that Spätburgunder is synonym for
Pinot Noir
State the grape that Weissburgunder is synonym for
Pinot Blanc
State the grape that Grauburgunder is synonym for
Pinot Gris
Define Muller Thurgau
Riesling x Chasselas cross
Define Liebfraumilch & state where it is commonly found
Wine type that is controlled and is not predkial. Commercial wine. Pfalz, Rheingau, Nahe, Rheinhessen (producing the most)
Define Bocksbeutel & state where it is commonly found
A different wine bottle (looks like a conca bottle). Franconia
Define edelfaule
Noble Rott
Name any 1 anbaugebiete that is important for red wines
Ahr Valley
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