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what is IRQ number for keyboard controller
what is IRQ number for floppy disk controller
An IC is best removed using
IC chip tool
What is the IRQ number for COM2 and COM4
What should you do about an IRQ conflict
Reassign the device IRQ settings using the best appropriate method
The CPU uses an IRQ to
Control devices attached to the system
What electronic component in the PC power supply absorbs most power spikes
Starting the PC when it's powered off causes which type of boot cycle to be performed
cold boot
The screw driver that is made especially for screws with internal faceted star-like hole is
Torx screwdriver
When servicing a PC what should you do first
attach the ground wrist strap to the chasis to prevent ESD
Device drivers provide
operating support for peripheral devices
How many devices can be attached to a SCSI-2
A parallel port transmits data
8 data bits at a time
COM1 normally uses IRQ
Which computer component contains the circuitry necessary for all components or devices to communicate with each other
What is the IRQ number for the real-time clock
A multi-meter is typically used to measure what
resistance current voltage
What is the function of the motherboard
interconnects the primary components of the PC
If you use a screwdriver set with interchangeable tips
be sure that the tips aren't magnetic
The type of software that\'s used to remove orphaned or unwanted files is
BIOS programs are most often loaded to which area of memory
Upper memory
Which RAID level provides for disk striping with parity
What type of mouse connects to either a serial port or a port mounted on the motherboard
What does the acronym BIOS stand for
Basic Input Output System
Cache memory is what type of memory
A pc has a sound card that locks up whenever the parallel tape backup unit is used on the system. What is most likely the problem
a IRQ confilict
What is the IRQ for COM2 and COM4
What is the IRQ for COM1
Level 1 cache is located where
What is two uninterpretable power supplies
standby and in-line
What are two IEE 1394 type ports
Firewire and I.Link
What are 2 types of connectors used by mouse units
What is the first 640K of memory called
Conventional memory
While you repair a PC it should be
A PC hard drive fits into which type of slot
Type 3
The main chip found on the motherboard that executes instruction is the
BIOS is loaded into which area of system memory
High Memory
A keyboard error code displayed during the boot sequence would be in what number of series
A device that can supply backup power to a PC when electricity fails and provides for line conditiong as well is called an
What are the three primary bus structures on a PC motherboard
Address Data Control
Using a softwareutility to upgrade BIOS is called
What is the IRQ number for COM1 and COM3
The windows software tool thats used to find and repair hard drive problems is
Bus clock speed refers to
the speed at which data on the bus moves.
An IRDA port requires which of the follwing conditions
A line of sight between the two transmitting devices
What is the IRQ number for the sound card
What is the IRQ for the system timer
The windows software tool used to view and edt INI files
What device should not be connected to a UPS
laser printer
What are two important factors to consider when selecting a surge suppressor
clamping speed and clamping voltage
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