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Who would you expect to have lead poisioning
a Child playing on a playgroud
How do you feed a child with cleft lip/palate
PLace the nipple deep in the childs mouth
Where do you administer immunizations
Vastis Lateralis
Care of the child with an amputation
What type of cyanosis is acceptable at 10 minutes old?
peripheral cyanosis
What are you trying to avoid in the preoperative stage in a child with spina bifida
is temporary and will go away
What do you tell a parent to look for prior to toilet training
signs of readiness
What type for Oral rehydration solution
Rice based
With Esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula you should monitor
Body temperature
NHO if a child with pulmonic stenosis shows signs of what?
Systemic Cyanosis
PKU testing
When do you administer growth hormones to a child
NOT before school or at bedtime
How do you deal with ticklish child during examination
Hydrocephalus: When a shunt needs to be replaced.
Scabies: what to do with a kid who c/o itching
S/S of a newborn with congenital hip displasia
Gluteal folds
20. Home care teaching for a kid with juvenille rheumatoid arthritis:
Warm bath first thing in the morning
indomethicin: what happens when you give it to a newborn with Patent Ductus
decreased murmur
x of y cards