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  Executive Branch
  •Executive Order or Administrative Ruling (FCC rules – Bono or Sterm)
  Legislative Branch
  •Passing laws which are then signed by President (ADA, CAN-SPAM, McCain Feingold, etc.)
  Sources of Law
  1.Common Law 2.The Law of Equity 3.Statutory Law 4.Constitutional Law 5.Executive Orders and Administrative Rules
  Common Law
  •“Discovered” law •Stare decisis et non quieta movere – to stand by past decisions and not disturb things at rest. •Precedent •Example:  Taking a photo of an underaged minor delivering a baby in the hospital and publishing it.
  Stare Decisis
legal principle by which judges are obliged to respect the precedents established by prior decisions. 
  Personal Jurisdiction
–Largely territorial
–Comes from Constitution’s due process clause – it would be unfair to hale certain people into court in a state with which they do not have “minimum contacts” (they have not “personally availed” themselves of benefits of that state)
Subject Matter Jurisdiction
–Deals with which courts are suited or authorized to hear certain matters
–Comes from Constitution and U.S. Code
  The Law of Equity
•To act equitably when the common law did not
•Both Courts in America are now blended together in one
•Judges still offer equitable decrees –Example:  Temporary Restraining Order, Presidential Pardon, Judicial Decrees,
  Statutory Law
•Deal with problems affecting society at large
•It can anticipate problems
•All criminal laws are statutory
•Collected in code books
•Example:  Utah State Fruit, ADA
Not enough specification
Too many specifications
  Constitutional Law
•Federal Constitution –Can be amended with 2/3 vote of Senate/House, and ¾ of the states –27 Amendments –A deliberately cumbersome process
•State Constitution –Each contains provisions –Utah amendment – defining marriage
•City/County Charters
  Executive Orders and Administrative Rules
  "Stroke of the pen.  Law of the Land.  Kinda cool." 
•National “Take Your Child to Work Day”
•Designating National Monuments
•Environmental regulations
•Using/not using federal funds for abortion
•Eisenhower – for desegregating schools
•FDR – internment camps for Japanese citizens
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