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State the major wine regions of California
North Coast AVA, Central Coast AVA, South Coast AVA, Central Valley, Sierra Foothills
State what agency regulates the US wine industry
State the USA required percentage for varietal &  AVA labeling
75% - 85%
Name 3 AVAs in Napa
Oak Knoll, Atlas Peak, Stag’s Leap
Name 3 AVAs in Sonoma
Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Russian River
Name 1 AVA in Mendocino
Redwood Valley
State a synonym for Fumé Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
State 2 AVAs in Monterey:
Carmel Valley, Sam Lucas
State 2 AVAs in Santa Barbara
Sta. Rita Hills, Santa Maria Valley
State 1 AVA in San Luis Obispo
Pasa Robles
Define Meritage
Calling it Bordeaux
State origins of Zinfandel
Name 3 California Pinot Noir specialists
Seasmoke, Pisoni, Merry Ewards
Name 3 California Pinot Noir specialists
Araujo, Dunn, Ridge
Name 3 producers of Rhone varietals or blends
Tablas Creek, Bonny Doon, Qupe
Name the 1st AVA
Napa Valley
Name 3 AVAs of Washington
Columbia Gorge, Red Moutain, Walla Walla Valley
Name 3 AVAs of Oregon
Dundee Hills, Chehalem Moutains, Umpqua Valley
State the Oregon requirement for varietal & AVA labeling
90% for Pinot Noir, 100% of grapes from Stated AVA
Name 1 AVA of New York
Finger Lakes
Name the state where winemaking started in USA
New York
Name 2 important wine regions of Canada
Niagara Peninsula, Okanagan Valley
Name the country where winemaking began on the American continent
Name the region Casablanca is within & what wines the area is known for
Aconcauga, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay
Name the region Maipo is within & what wines the area is known for
Valle Central, Cabernet Sauvignon
State what is unique about the vines in Chile
No phylloxera
Name the obscure Bordeaux varietal that is important in Chile
State the minimum % for varietal labeling in Chile
Name the most important region & grape of Argentina
Mendoza, Malbec
Name the 4 sub-regions of Valle Centrale
Valle de Maipo, Valle de Rapel, Valle de Curico, Valle de Maule
Name the most important grape of Uruguay
State the minimum % for varietal labeling
State the significance of the order grapes are listed on a wine label
Decreasing order. When it is blended
Name the grape of Penfold’s Grange
Name a GI within each: Victoria, New South Wales & Western Australia
Victoria - Bendigo, New South Wales – hunters valley zone  & Western Australia – Perth Hills
Name the Australian Super-Zone
South-Eastern Australia
Name a GI that is well known for Riesling
Clare Valley
Name the state that produces promising sparkling wines
State the local name for the soil of Coonawara
Terra rosa soil (red dirt very iron rich!) best soil
Name 2 wine regions on New Zealand’s North Island
Gisborne, Hawkes Bay
Name 2 wine regions on New Zealand’s South Island
Nelson, Marlborough
Name the most famous region for Sauvignon Blanc
Name the up and coming region for Pinot Noir
Central Otago
State on which island Hawkes Bay is located & what grapes are best there
North Island, Driest region, gimagravel, Chardonnay and Cabernet, cabernet blends
State why red wine grapes do well in some of the areas traditionally thought to be too cool for reds
Sunlight hours, Rain shadow, New clones that are coming out
Name a region of New Zealand with a producer of the same name
Cloudy Bay
Name an increasingly important Asian country for wine
State what 2 grapes were crossed to create Pinotage
Pinot Noir and Cinsault
State the minimum % for appellation labeling
State the meaning of cultivar
Look in book, A user of grapes. Some sorta
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