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How would you look up general DNS information for
Using ftp how would you download all files in the current directory?
mget *
What username/password is generally used for nonauthenticated users of ftp? 
 anonymous/[user\\\'s email address]
What keyboard combination cancels ping? 
 ctrl + c
How do you specify the amount of packets ping sends? 
 ping -c [count] [hostname]
What command will tell you who registered for the domain
What file contains simple host-to-IP address mappings? 
What two files would control the order of DNS resolution? 
 /etc/nsswitch.conf or /etc/host.conf
What function does the /etc/resolv.conf file perform? 
 Specifies the nameservers to use for DNS resolution
What does /etc/networks do? 
 Configures mappings to entire network names and IP addresses.
How would you look up the IP address of 
How would you configure the hostname/NIS domain name to \\\"proprofs\\\"? 
 hostname proprofs domainname proprofs
What does the command `dnsdomainname` do? 
 Displays the name of the current DNS What command (with no options) will display a summary of network interfaces and their domain name
Display NIC configurations? 
How would you disable the eth0 interface? 
 ifconfig eth0 down
How would you configure eth1 with an IP of
default class C subnet mask
What command prints network connections and routing tables? 
What netstat switch will list interfaces? 
 netstat -i
What netstat command will display routing information? 
 netstat -r
What does the `route` command do with no options? 
 Displays the routing table
What is the genmask for the default route?
How do you add a default gateway of to eth0? 
 route add default gw eth0
What is used when a client needs to be serviced by a DHCP server on a different subnet? 
 DHCP relay server
What is the DHCP config file? 
What network interface is generally used in PPP connections? 
What two components must exist for a PPP connection? 
 serial interface and a modem
What command in a chatscript will cause the modem to reset? 
 \\\'\\\' ATZ
What command in a chatscript will cause the modem to dial 800-555-1234? 
 OK ATDT 8005551234
How would you start the ppp daemon on /dev/ttyS0 at the maximum speed? 
 /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/ttyS0 115200
What command option is used in ppp to make ppp constantly available? 
What is the configuration file for ntpd? 
What entry in ntp.conf specifies the system as both a ntp client and server? 
What command will sync the time with a ntp server
and also log to syslog? 
How would you print the list of peers known by an ntp server? 
 ntpq -p or ntpdc -p
How would you track where the local system is syncing its time to? 
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