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The parts of the BIOS which controls I/O is called the ________.
System BIOS
The part of the BIOS that is used to change the setup information stored in CMOS is called the ____.
CMOS Setup
A(n) _____ is a number assigned to a hardware device that software uses to send a command to a device.
I/O Address
A(n) _____ can be used by device to pass data directly to memory, without involving the CPU.
DMA Channel
What is the I/O address of COM2?
The keyboard controller uses IRQ _____.
What statement about memory addresses is false?
They are assigned as they are needed.
What type of system resource's addresses are most often displayed on the screen in a hexidecimal format?
Memory Address
What property of a file is used to determine its file type?
File Extension
What are two types of hard drive partition?
Primary and Extended
For logical drive C, the _____ directory is written as C:\.
What is the last step of POST?
BIOS begins its search for an OS.
For all versions of Windows, you can get a command prompt by clicking Start, Run, and entering ____ in the Run dialogue box.
The _____ command allows you to go to another directory.
A 3 1/2 inch double desity disk holds _____ of data.
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