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A 3 1/2 inch high-density disk holds____of data
1.44 MB
A 3 1/2 inch extra-high density disk holds___of data.
2.88 MB
A 3 1/2 inch high-density has ___sector per track.
The smallest unit on a disk to hold a file is called a
On 3 1/2 inch high-density disk, one cluster hold___bytes of data.
If a dloppy disk has 80 tracks and 18 sectors per track on each side, each side has___sectors.
The first sector of each flopy disk contains the number of ____.
sectors, sectors per cluster, bits in each FAT entry (all of the above)
What is the total number if clusters on a 3 1/2 inch high-density floppy disk
The width of each entry in the column on a floppy disk is___bits.
Which is true about the root directory table?
It contains a fixed number of rows to accommodate a preddetermined number of files and subdirectories. The number of available rows depends on the disk type. 3 1/2 inch high-density floppy disks have 224 entries in the root direstory. (all of the above)
Which attribute will indicate wheather or not a file should be backed up?
When booting a computer, if the floppy drive light comes on and stays on, the problem is most likely caused by the____.
cable not being attached correctlyto pin 1
The test for errors in Config.sys and Autoexec.bat, you can hold down the ____key while DOS loads.
To bypass Config.sys and Autoexec.bat during the boot, press_____.
Which of the fgllowing uses a special 40-pin IDE cable?
ATA/133 ATA/100 ATA/66 (all of the above)
x of y cards