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For managers who reason at stages 2 and 3, their personal rewards, recognition from others, or compliance with the company's rules become their main ethical compass.
In the mid-2000s, corporate citizenship has become complicated and mandatory.
The Kanebo Limited scandal is an example of a lapse in:
Accounting ethics.
Bans an auditing firm from providing the same client with non-auditing services.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act:
The Securities and Exchange Commission may begin an investigation on a company:
Based on the noisy withdrawal of the company's lawyer.
Once a company enters the innovative stage of corporate citizenship, it will:
Begin reporting its efforts to stakeholders.
A just or fair ethical decision occurs when:
Benefits and burdens are distributed equally.
In a Gallup poll of people's confidence in social organizations, ranked last was:
Big business.
The term corporate citizenship has been used to refer to:
Businesses acting responsibly toward stakeholders.

As an additional employee benefit to promote spirituality, companies have begun to provide employees with the services of:
Combines concern for the law with an emphasis on employee responsibility.
integrity-based ethics programs
Cross-cultural contradictions will increase.
As business becomes increasingly global:
The Institute for Corporate Ethics was created to:
Develop and conduct training programs for senior managers.
Cross-cultural contradictions arise due to:
Differences between home and host countries' ethical standards.
If a manager approaches ethical issues with a self-centered approach, emphasis will be on:
Economic efficiency.
What is the most critical social issue facing communities, according to community relations managers?
The recipients of the American Business Ethics Awards show that:
Firms can be financially successful and ethically focused.
If a manger approaches ethics with benevolence in mind, he or she would stress what?
Friendly relations with an employee.
In a study conducted by the Council on Foundations, companies with high Corporate Philanthropy Index (CPI) scores:
Had better reputations and generated more admiration than others did.
Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, corporations are required to:
Have their CEO and CFO sign off on financial statements as accurate and fair.
Business managers need a set of ethical guidelines to help them:
Identify and analyze the nature of ethical problem.
A company that has just begun reporting to stakeholders is in which stage of the corporate citizenship process?
Innovative stage.
The International Accounting Standards are essential for:
Integrating the European Union capital markets.
Corporate giving:
Is far below the 10 percent tax deduction permitted.
The main drawback to utilitarian reasoning is that:
It is difficulty to accurately measure both costs and benefits.
Companies in which two countries have taken the lead in social reporting?
Japan and United Kingdom
Women in Community Service provides:
Job and life skills training to women who are on public assistance.
Foreign-owned corporations use foundations:
Less frequently than U.S. firms.
Corporate citizenship activities can be considered important contributors to a reinforcing cycle through which global companies create all of the following except:
In the first stage of corporate citizenship:
Managers are uninterested and uninvolved with social issues.
What company gives all of its earnings to charity?
Newman's Own.
Business executives are finding that a trusting, ethical relationship with a business partner is:
Often essential in conducting business.
A company that channels employee behavior in a lawful direction by emphasizing the threat of detection and punishment is:
Operating under the compliance-based approach.
According to Clarence Walton, the key to ethical standards in business is:
Personal character.
Another term for corporate giving is corporate:
Corporate citizenship involves:
Proactively addressing business and society issues.
Corporate citizenship involves:
Proactively addressing business and society issues.
Novo Nordisk's "take action" project was a program designed to:
Promote exercise and healthy eating in schools.
A member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA) must:
Promote the integrity of and uphold the rules governing global capital markets.
An ethics officer or ombudsperson is generally entrusted to:
Reduce the risks to the company of employee misconduct.
Under the U.S. Corporate Sentencing Guidelines, if a firm has developed a strong ethics program, corporate executives found guilty of criminal activity may have their sentence:
At the core of rights reasoning is the belief that:
Respecting others is the essence of human rights.
People everywhere depend on ethical systems to tell them whether their actions are:
Right or wrong.
The share of all giving made up by in-kind contributions of products and services has been:
Rising steadily over the past decade.
When companies like Whole Foods Markets work to address community problems, their actions help build:
Social capital.
According to a Harvard Business Review study, which of the following is not an area in which corporate contributions are most likely to enhance a company's competitiveness?
Stakeholder management.
The major focus of ISO 14001 is to:
Support environmental protection in balance with socioeconomic needs.
As part of a continuing company commitment to monitor its manufacturing facilities, Mattel formed:
The "Zero Tolerance" program.
Which financial institution asked Wall Street finance companies to self-regulate?
The New York Stock Exchange.
One of the most widespread and potentially powerful efforts to combat bribery was initiated by:
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
The idea of civic engagement involves:
The active involvement of businesses and individuals in improving communities.
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