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Wind limits for takeoff and cat I appch

Max tailwind takeoff or lndg

Max xwind takeoff or lndg:
Dry rwy
Wet rwy
Compacted snow
Standing water/slush/wet snow/dry snow
Rwy with ice (incl wet ice)
10 kts

28 kts
20 kts
18 kts
12 kts

Note: use entire gust for computations
Wind limits cat II appch: Headwind Tailwind Xwind
25 kts 10 kts 12 kts
Max temp. takeoff or landing Min temp. takeoff
ISA + 35C -40C
max taxi speeds: straight dry or wet Straight contaminated
30 kts 15 kts
Cabin pressurization limits: Up to 37000 Above 37000 Max diff overpressure Max diff negative pressure Max diff press takeoff and landing
7.8 8.3 8.7 -0.5 0.2
Max alt for single pack operation
Min autopilot altitudes: Engage on takeoff Engage on go-around Enroute height Non precision approach Precision approach special inst appch
Accel alt (with lateral and vertical FD modes engaged) 400 AGL (GA mode active) 500 AGL MDA 70 AGL As specified
Min battery temp for apu start
Max alt for flap extension
Max usable fuel
20785 lbs
Max fuel imbalance in flight
794 lbs
Min fuel tank temp
MCDU TO Dataset Menu: ENG ALL
SAT 5-10C, and vis moisture to 1700 AFE or sfc contamination possible on engines/nacelles/sensor probes SAT below 5C, and vis moisture to 1700 AFE or sfc contamination
Max tire ground speed
Min 180 degree turn radius: E170 E175
54\'8\" 59\'2\"
Min air temp for APU start
Max altitude for APU: Start GEN Bleed air Assisted engine start
30000 33000 15000 21000
APU starter duty cycle limits: Start 1 Start 2 Start 3
60 on, 60 off 60 on, 60 off 60 on, 5min off
Before stopping apu after engine start
Wait 10 sec or ensure power transfer with N2 stabilized
Before starting apu after engine shutdown
Wait for engine below 30% N2
Engine dry motoring limits: Motor 1 Motor 2-5
90 on, 5 min off 30 on, 5 min off Note: wait 15 mins after 5 cycles
Engine starter duty cycle limits:

Start 1, 2
Start 3, 4, 5
90/120 on, 10 sec off
90/120 on, 5 min off

Note: wait 15 mins after five cycles
Flex takeoff prohibited when
Contaminated rwy Antiskid inop No TLR data for flex Compass 10-7 prohibited PIC determines unsafe
Max operating altitude Max altitude takeoff and landing Min altitude takeoff and landing
41000\' 8000\' -1000\'
Max load factors
Flaps up: +2.5, -1.0 Flaps extended: +2.0, 0.0
Max runway slope Approved rwy sfc
+/- 2% Paved
Minimum flight speed, all alts.
Green dot (except as described in normal/abnormal/emerg proc)
Vmo Mmo
320 .82
Max turb air penetration speeds: Below 10000 At or above 10000
250 270 or .76 whichever is less
Min RAT speed
Min crew oxygen quantity: Green Cyan Amber
3 crew 2 crew No dispatch
Min battery voltage before mx
Taxi and landing lights Taxi nose light
Must be off when stopped Must be off for takeoff and in flight
GPU/APU power connection
Wait 10 seconds before engine shutdown
Flap speed limits: 1 2 3 4\\5 Full
230 215 200 180 165
Crossfeed selector knob
Must be off for takeoff and landing
Hyd system warmup
Required before engine start if reservoir temps below -18C
Determine SLD condition and required action
Abnormal ice formation on areas that dont normally accrete; exit ASAP
Icing conditions in flight
SAT (on ground or takeoff) or TAT (in flight) is below 10C and vis moisture present (incl fog with vis 1nm or less)
If one or both ice detectors failed
Crew must select mode to ON when icing conditions
Max wiper speed
Max gear speeds: Vlo Extension Vlo Retraction Vle
250 250 250
Cat I appch mins
Use baro altimeter mins only
VOR flight director mode
Prohibited; must use hdg mode with green needles or use LNAV
IESS limitation
No bc approaches
Min battery voltage for APU start
Max ITT during start
Automatic takeoff thrust control system (ATTCS)
Must be on for takeoff
Engine warmup and cool down
2 mins
Powerback ops
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