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The _____ or client-side object model is a hierarchy of objects, each of which provides programmatic access to a different aspect of the Web browser window or the Web page.
browser object model (BOM)
The top-level object in the browser object model is the _____ object, which represets a Web browser window or an individual frame within a window.
To refer to a JavaScript object in code, you must refer to all of the objects that contain it, with the object names separated by _____.
The _____ object is arguably the most important object in the browser object model because it represents the Web page displayed in a browser.
The _____ object maintains a history list of all the documents that have been opened during the current Web browser session.
The _____ object allows you to change to a new Web page from within JavaScript code.
The _____ object is used to obtain information about the current Web browser.
The _____ statement eliminates the need to retype the name of an object when properties of the same object are being referenced in a series.
The _____ object is used to obtain information about the display screen’s size, resolution, and color depth.
The _____ attribute determines in which frame or Web browser window a document opens, based on the value assigned to an element’s target attribute or the value assigned to a element’s name attribute.
You use the _____ attribute with the element to specify a default target for all links in a document, using the assigned name of a window or frame.
To refer to a frame within the same frame set, you use the _____ property of the Window object combined with the frame’s index number from the frames [] array.
The _____ property refers to the topmost window on a Web page.
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