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What are the five methods of induction and what is the common feature of these methods?
1)  agreement
2)  difference
3)  joint or double method of agreement and difference
4)  residues
5) concomitant variations

The  common feature of these methods is that the one real method of scienfific inury is that of elimination
works on human memory and how it can be changed by facts, ideas, suggestions and other forms of post event information. One of her famous studies included the car accident study which was an example of the misinformation effect.
Rousseau ____1) _______   the idea of the blank slate., He believed that learning was a natural consequence of ___2)___.  Further he thought ___3) ___  unimportant in development.
1) rejected
2) human existence
3) Socialization
Who is known as the father of developmental psychology, and why?
Rousseau because of his insistence that childhood was different than adulthood and his creation of stages of development.
What is Epistemology?
The branch of philosophy that deals with the nature, origin and scope of knowledge. 
__________ holds that  philosophy should aspire to the same sort of rigor as science. Philosopihies should provide strict criteria for judging sentences true, false and meaningless.
Logical positivism
Humanistic perspective
The approach tat suggests that all individuals naturally strive to grow, develop, and be in control of thier lives and behavior is
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