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Discuss the dual chain of command for operating forces.
Operational- President-SoD-Commander of unified or specific command-operational forces.
Administrative: SoN-CNO-operating forces.
Discuss the following as they apply to the operational chain of command:
Fleet Commanders
Task Force Commander
Task Unit Commander
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Unified: composed of elements of two or more services

Specified: composed of forces from one service.
Fleet Commanders
Each in change of their own designated fleets:
Pacific fleet; 3rd and 7th fleets
Atlantic Fleet; 2nd fleet
Naval Forces Europe; 6th fleet
Task Force Commander
In charge of a subdivision of a fleet.
Task Unit Commander
In charge of a subdivision of a task group, which is a subdivision from a task force.
Discuss the following as they apply to the administrative chain of command:
Secretary of the Navy
Chief of Naval Operations
Fleeet Commander in Chief
Naval Air Force Commander
Functional Wing Commander
Type Squadron Commander
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Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV)
Currently The Honorable Ray Mabus:
Responsible for the policies and control of the DoN.
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
Currently Admiral Gary Roughead:
Principle advisor to the President and the SECNAV on the conduct of war. Typically the highest ranking officer in the DoN.
Fleet Commander in Chief (CINC)
In change of different fleets assigned:
CINCPACFLT: 3rd and 7th fleet
CINCLANTFLT: 2nd fleet
Naval Air Force Commander (Type Commander/Aircraft Controlling Custodian)
Usually Vice Admiral in rank:
Type Commander: In command of a certain type of squadron.
Aicraft Contolling Custodians: Excercise administrative control of assignment, employment, and logistics fupport of certain aircraft and aircraft engines as specified by the CNO.
Functional Wing Commander
Responsible for the aircraft material readiness, administration, traiing, and inspection of squadrons under thier command.
Type Squadron Commander
responsible for the maintenance and material condition of aeronautical equipment assinged for the operation and support of the naval aviation mission. Coordinate the NAMP in the operating and training forces.
Discuss the role of the following:
Fleet Master Chief
Force Master Chief
Command Master Chief
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Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)
Currently Rick D. West
Navy's senior enlisted member; senior enlisted advisor to the CNO and Chief of Naval personnel in all matters pertaining to enlisted personnel.
Fleet Master Chief
Currently 6 Fleet Master Chiefs
Principle enlisted advisor to the Fleet Commander in Chief.
Force Master Chief
There are 22 Force Master Chiefs
Principle enlisted advisors to various Force Group Commanders.
Command Master Chief (CMC)
Must have 250 or more personnel assigned to be eligible to have a CMC billet. Principle advisor on enlisted matters to the Commanding Officer.
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