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Latissimus dorsi muscle
ORI: Spinous processes of inferior 6 thoracic vertebrae, thoracolumbar fascia, iliac crest, and inferior 3 or 4 ribs INS: humerus ACT:extends & adducts arm behind back
ORI: occipital bone INS: scapula ACT: elevates, retracts and rotates scapula
Deltoid muscle
ORI: clavicle to scapula INS: humerus ACT: abducts & rotates arm
Rotator cuff
ORI: scapula INS: humerus ACT: four muscles rotates arm
Pectoralis major muscle
ORI: sternum & clavicle INS: humerus ACT: flexes & adducts arm across chest
Triceps brachii muscle
ORI: humerus & scapula INS: ulna ACT: extends forearm
Biceps brachii muscle
ORI: scapula INS: radius ACT: flexes & supinates forearm
Flexor and Extensor carpi group
ORI: INS: ACT: flex & extends hand
Flexor & Extensor digitum groups
ORI: INS: ACT: flex & extends fingers
Serratus anterior
ORI: below axilla on side of chest INS: scapula ACT: moves scapula foward: aids in raising arm
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