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ORI: partition between thoracic & abdom. cavity INS: ACT: inspiration
External intercostals
ORI: between ribs INS: ACT: enlarge thoracic cavity (forced expiration)
Rectus abdominis
ORI: pubis INS: ribs 5-7, xiphoid process of sternum ACT: flexion of trunk/lumbar vertebrae
External oblique
ORI: last 8 ribs INS: iliac crest ACT: compresses abdomen
Internal oblique
ORI: iliac crest INS: lower ribs ACT: compresses abdomin
Levator ani
ORI: inner surface of the side of the lesser pelvis INS: ACT: supports the viscera in pelvic cavity
Sacrospinalis (Erector spinæ )
ORI: on the spines of the last four thoracic vertebræ INS: both the spines of the most cranial thoracic vertebrae and the cervical vertebrae ACT: extends the vertebral column
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