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Frontalis muscle (facial)
ORI: cranial aponeurosis INS: skin above eyebrows ACT: raises eyebrows (wrinkles)
Buccinator muscle (facial)
ORI: mandible & maxilla INS: skin around mouth ACT: flattens cheek; hels in eating, whistling & blowing wind instruments
Orbicularis oculi muscle (facial)
ORI: maxilla & frontal bones INS: eyelid ACT: closes eyes
Orbicularis oris muscle (facial)
ORI: maxilla & mandible INS: skin around mouth ACT: closes lips
Zygomaticus muscle (facial)
ORI: zygomatic bone INS: corners of mouths ACT: raises corner of mouth
Levator palpebrae superioris muscle (facial)
ORI: sphenoid bone back of orbit INS: tarsal plate, upper eyelid ACT: opens eye
Masseter (mastication)
ORI: zygomatic arch & maxilla INS: mandible ACT: closes jaw
Temporalis muscle (mastication)
ORI: temporal bone INS: mandible ACT: closes jaw
Nasalis muscle
ORI: maxilla INS: nasal bone ACT: compresses bridge, depresses tip of nose, elevates nostril
Sternocleidomastoid muscle (neck)
ORI: sternum & clavicle INS: temporal bone ACT: flexes neck & rotates head
Trapezius (neck)
ORI: occipital bone & spines of thoracic vertebrae INS: scapula ACT: extends neck, moves scapula
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