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ORI:ilium INS:tibia ACT:flexes & rotate thigh & leg FUNC:flexes thigh & leg
ORI:iliac INS:base of patella ACT:extends legs,,assists flexion of thigh FUNC:extend the knees
ORI:femur INS:lateral border of patella ACT:extend knee FUNC:same
ORI:ischium INS:tiia ACT:flexes the knee,,adducts the thigh FUNC:same
adductor longus (adductor group)
ORI:pubis INS:femur ACT:adducts & flexes the thigh,,rotate the hip joint FUNC:adduct thigh
adductor magnus (adductor group)
ORI:pubis INS:femur ACT:powerfull thigh FUNC:adduct thigh
gluteos maximus
ORI:ilium,,sacrum,,sacrutuberous ligaments INS:gluteal tuberosity of the femur ACT:major extends of the hip joint,,rotation & extension FUNC:extend & rotates thigh
gluteos medius
ORI:ilium,,sacrum,,sacrutuberous ligaments INS:gluteal tuberosity of the femur ACT:abduct and roate thigh FUNC:same
ORI:iliac fosa/spine INS:femur ACT:flexion of hip FUNC:same
gastrocnemius (calf)
ORI:femur INS:calcaneus ACT:plantar,,knee flexion FUNC:extends foot tiptoes
tibialis anterior (shin-lower leg)
ORI:tibia INS:foot ACT:dorsiflex and invert the foot FUNC:sole inward,,walking heels
tibialis posterior (calf)
ORI:tibia/fibula INS:foot ACT:invert plantar flexion onthe foot ankle FUNC:extends foot,,sole inward
soleus (calf)
ORI:fibula & the medial border of tibia INS:calcaneus ACT:plantar flexion FUNC:tiptoes,,extends the foot
biceps fomoris (hamstring group)
ORI:ischium/femur INS:fibula ACT:flexion knee,,extends hip joint,,rotate knee FUNC:flex leg
semitendinosus (hamstring group)
ORI:ischium INS:tibia ACT:flex knee,,extends hip joint FUNC:flex leg
semimembranosus (hamstring group)
ORI:ischium INS:tibia ACT:hip extension,,knee flexion FUNC:flex leg
quadriceps femoriss (thigh)
ORI:rectus femoris & vastus muscle INS:tibia ACT:hip extension,,hip flexion FUNC:extends leg
peroneus longus (shin lower shin)
ORI:fibula INS:foot ACT:palntar flexion,,eversion FUNC:everts foot,,sole outard
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