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Advance Preparation foods must be immediately cooled after cooking to _____ within _____.
41 degree F; 4 hours
The Commander, ________ administers the Navy Food Service Program.
Naval Supply Systems Command (COMNAVSUPSYSCOM)
The __________ administers the food service program for the Marine Corps.
Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC)
Marine Corps Orrder P10110.14
USMC Food Service and Subsistence Management Manual
Food Safety Training Certificate
NAVMED 4061/1
Food service sanitation/food safety training must be offered per ________ .
Food service workers suffering from what diseases are prohibited from handling food?
Salmonella typhi
Shigella spp.
Escherichia coli 0157:H7
Hepatitis A virus
Guidelines for receipt of meats and poultry may be found in ___ and ____ .
Shell eggs must be received at ____ and cooled oand maintained at ____ .
45 degree F or less; 41 degree or below.
To recondition moldy cheese, hold it at ____ degree F and remove and discard a ____ layer.
41 degree F; 1/2 inch
PHF shall be at a temperature of ____ when received.
41 degree F (5 degree C) or below
PHF that is cooked appropriately and recieved hot shall be maintained at a temperature of _____ .
140 degree F (60 degree C) or above
the recommended chemical wash solution for fruits and vegetables  is _______ .
Sodium hypochlorite 5% (unscented bleach)
Fresh fruits and vegetables may be chemically washed by _____ in a _____ free available chlorine  (FAC) solution for ____.
immersion; 50 ppm; 1-2 minutes
to make a 50 ppm FAC solution, add ___ of 5% Sodium hypochlorite to ______ of potable water.
1.5 tablespoons; 5 gallons
When reporting hazardous foods, samples will be sent with an original and ___ copies of ____.
four; DD Form 1222
Containers or bulk lots of food will be stored ___ above the floor and ____ from walls.
6 inches (15cm); 4 inches (10cm)
Frost or glaze ice must not be allowed to accumulate to more than ____ in thickness on the interior surfaces or on the refrigeration coils of freezers
1/4 inch
PHF that has been reheated for hot holding shall be rapidly reheated within ____, so that all parts reach an internal temperature of ___ for ___ .
2 hours; 165 degree F (74 degree C); 15 seconds.
"Advance Preparation" Hot foods that are to be retained chilled must be cooled to ___ within 2 hours; and ___ within a total of 4 hours.
70 degree F; 41 degree F
Potentially hazardous leftovers must be used within ___ .
24 hours
What is the temperature "danger zone"?
between 41 degree F and 140 degree F
What temperature water is required for manual ware washing?
Wash: 110 degree F
Sanitize: 171 degree F
What temperature water is required for mechanical ware washing?
Wash: 165 degree F
Sanitize: MIN-165 degree F / MAX-194 degree F.
Ware washing flow pressure must be between ___ and ___ psi
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