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Reading Comprehension
Topics: Social Science, Science, Biology.
-Use the Noteboard
-Work the Passage
-Read for the Big Idea
Words that trigger a Change in Direction
-On the other hand
Words that DO NOT trigger Change in Direction
-In Addition
-By the same token
-For Example
Main Point/Thesis
Look for the author's main point or thesis statement, which is most often found in the first paragraph or end of the passage.
Author's Tone or Attitude
Look for positive or negative assessments of the subject. Use a "+" or "-" to note opinions.
Main Idea/Function of each Paragraph
Central Ideas most often occur at the beginning or end of a paragraph. Make a brief note that describes the main idea of each paragraph.
Changes of Direction or Conflicting Opinions/Theories
Look for trigger words that signal a change of direction. Make a note of where the passage contains a change of viewpoint or introduces another theory.
More of the same (no change in direction)
Look for trigger words that signal a continuation of direction or elaboration on a topic.
Translate the Question into your own words
Translate wordy, confusing questions into everyday language.

-Read slowly
-Don't get bogged down by difficult language
-Turn it into a simple, straightforward question.
Paraphrase the Answer
Look at the question, paraphrase the passage, then create YOUR OWN answer before going to the answer choices.
Paraphrase the Passage
Read for the main idea and organization of the passage. Don't get bogged down by the details.
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