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Acquired Heart Disorder
Compromises abnormalities occurring after birth that compromise the hearts function.
Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP)
Antigen present in the human fetus that helps in evaluating fetal development.
lazy eye; reduction or dimness of vision, especially in which there is no apparent pathological condition of the eye.
Chelation therapy
In toxicology, to use a compound to grasp a toxic substance and make it no active and thus nontoxic.
Congenital Heart Disease
An abnormality or anomaly of the heart present at birth
Currant jelly stools
Feces that is mixed w/ blood and mucus from the intestinal mucosa
Is an inflammation of the glomeruli of the kidney.
Gowers sign
Classic sign of Duchennes muscular dystrophy ; the child positions on all fours and uses the hands to walk up the thighs.
Legg-Calve-Perthes disease
A disorder caused by decreased blood supply to the femoral head that results in epiphyseal necrosis or degeneration of the femoral head followed by regeneration or calcification.
Hypertrophy of the epidermis, resulting in rough, thickened, leather like skin.
Neural tube
Tube formed from the fusion of the neural folds from which the brain and spinal cord arise.
Nissen fundoplication
A surgical procedure to wrap the Fundus of the stomach around the distal esophagus to prevent reflux of the stomach contents to the esophagus.
Nuchal rigidity
Pain and stiffness of the neck when flexed.
Craving to eat nonfood substances (dirt, clay etc)
A collection of air or gas I the pleural space causing the lung to collapse.
Persistent penile erection.
Early sign of a developing condition or disease.
Sickled cell
Erythrocyte whose characteristic round shape has altered to an elongated cresent shape.
Partial dislocation
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