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C5,6,7. BBC (Brachialis , bicepts, coracobrachialis) Terminates in Lat. cutaneous n of foram
C5 - T1. 2 Pronators: teres + quadratus. 3 Flexors: C radialis, Digi-superficialis (+1/2 profundus). Palmaris longus. 4 Pollics: Flexor longus+Brevis, abductor brevis and apponens.
C8, T1. Flexor C Ulnaris, 1/2 flexor digitorum profundus. Adductor pollicis. Opponens, Flexor and abductor digiti minimi.
C5-T1. Tricepts, Anconeus, brachioradialis. ALL EXTENSORS!
C5,6. Deltoid and Teres minor
Dorsal Scapular
C5 (@root). Levator scapulae + Rhomboid major and minor
Subscapular : Upper and Lower
C5 and C5,6
C5,6. Supra and Infraspinatus (middle subscapular nerve)
Long Thoracic
C5-C7. Serratus anterior.
C7,8. Latissimus dorsi
4 pre-clavicular branches of the brachial plexus
  • dorsal scapular
  • nerve to subclavius
  • suprascapular
  • long thoracic
  • **Also: phrenic nerve and nerve tolongus colli
Preganglionic injury symptoms
  • Horner's synrome (C8-T1)
  • scapular winging - long thoracic - serratus anterior -- medial winging
  • breathing difficulty - phrenic nerve
Divisions of brachial artery in relationship to pec minor
I: (medial) - supreme thoracic
II: (under) - thoracoacromial & lateral thoracic
III: subcapular, ant & post circumflex
4 branches of the thoracoacromial artery
  • pectoral
  • clavicular
  • acromial - medial to CA ligament
  • deltoid
Erb's Palsy
  • C5&6
  • deficient Deltoid, rot cuff, elbow flex, wrist & hand extensors
  • 'waiter's tip'
  • best prognosis
Klumpke Palsy
  • C8 & T1
  • deficient wrist flexors & intrinsics
  • Horners syndrome
  • Poor prognosis
Total Plexus
  • C5 - T1
  • Flaccid arm
  • worst prognosis
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