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The patient does NOT own the medical record, but they always have the privilege of accessing the information.
Subjective information is NOT that which the physician observes during the physical examination of the patient - this is _________ information. This does not include family history.
Numeric filing is NOT a direct filing system.
Medical records offer protection to the physician during _____ proceedings if they are accurate and complete.
\\\"The statement \\\"\\\"Only the physician or facility owns the medical record\\\"\\\" is true/false.\\\"
Color-coding is NOT only used for patient records, it is also used for _____ records.
Whatever medical record system is used in the facility, it should provide for easy retrieval of _____ and must work for the individual facility, first and foremost.
\\\"The statement \\\"\\\"Items such as x-ray films, bone scans, and MRI scans are never a part of electronic medical records\\\"\\\" is true/false.\\\"
\\\"True or false, \\\"\\\"The computer-based medical record has no disadvantages, whereas the paper-based record has numerous disadvantages.\\\"\\\"\\\"
The patient\\\'s medical record should _____ leave the office.
HIPAA was developed in part to assure the confidentiality of medical _____.
\\\"True or false, \\\"\\\"Questions that patients have about HIPAA should first be directed to the Department of Health and Human Services, not answered in the physician\\\'s office.\\\"\\\"\\\"
All employees must make a(n) _____ for total quality management to be effective.
\\\"True or false, \\\"\\\"Many of the least publicized aspects of HIPAA are the sections that deal with the right to patient privacy.\\\"\\\"\\\"
Third-party payors use healthcare information to determine whether claims should be _____.
The following are methods of organizing a medical record: source-oriented, _____-oriented, and chronological.
When describing a patient\\\'s chief complaint, it is not necessary to know how many family members are healthy, instead it is important to note any remedies the patient has tried to relieve symptoms, _____ of pain, and time when symptoms were first noticed.
A filing system in which and intermediary source of reference, such as a file card, must be consulted to locate specific files is called a(n) _____ filing system.
\\\"The name \\\"\\\"Amanda M. Stiles-Duncan\\\"\\\" would be properly indexed for filing as: _____.\\\"
Stiles Duncan Amanda M
A legal instrument authorizing one to act as the agent of the grantor is called a(n) ____ of attorney.
Some common types of filing equipment found in a medical office are rotary circular files, lateral files, and _____ files.
Some advantages to color-coding filings systems are patient charts can be found ____, it is easy to tell when a file is misplaced, and patient charts can be refilled quickly.
quickly or easily
The most important reason to tell the physician when there is an error in charting that is discovered rather than later is the error could affect the _____ and well-being of the patient.
The medical record should be released only with a(n) _____ released from the patient.
Medical facilities should keep records on minors until the minor reaches the age of maturity, plus _____ years.
The following is a disadvantage of a numeric filing system: It\\\'s filing activity is greatest at the _____ of the system.
The three stages of machine _____ do not include reviewing the dictated text with the patient.
When preparing a file for a(n) _____ patient, the medical assistant should be sure the patient\\\'s name is spell correctly, review the forms the patient filled out for completeness, copy the insurance card or assure that insurance information is included.
An item used to provide space for temporary filing of materials is called a(n) _____.
outfolder or outguide
The most _____ type of medical record is the computer-based medical record.
The method of filing whereby one report is laid on top of the older report, resembling a roof, is called _____.
Files for patients who have died, moved away, or otherwise terminated their relationship with the physician are called _____ files.
HIPPA recommends that physicians keep the records on patients who have died for at least _____ years.
The medical assistant should consider all of the following when selecting filing equipment: _____ protection, cost of space and equipment, and confidentiality requirements.
A strong, highly glazed composition of paper or heavy card stock is called _____.
press board
Quality assurance is concerned with overuse, underuse, and _____ of medical services.
An example of _____ of medical services includes mammograms for at-risk patients.
A nosocomial infection is usually acquired in a(n) _____.
NCHS keeps statistics on suicides, sexually transmitted diseases, and _____ pregnancy.
A total power _____ in a hospital would most likely be a sentinel event.
HIPAA became effective on April _____.
14th, 2003
The non-profit organization that assists healthcare facilities by providing _____ services is JCAHO.
Most healthcare facilities are now interested in exceeding standards and providing optimal _____ to patients.
One of Deming\\\'s Fourteen Points for Management is to institute _____ on the job.
Health information professionals perform these tasks on data: Collect, _____, and analyze.
HIPAA places great restrictions on patient information used for _____ purposes or solicitation of sales.
The high-quality data characteristic that suggests that information in the database about a patient can be trusted is _____.
It is a true statement that variations of _____ services are common.
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