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to pour out
\\\"to tell someone everything about your thoughts feelings especially because you feel very unhappy. \\\"wylać przed kimś swoje żale \\\"He poured out all his troubles to Laura.
\\\"having the form of a question. \\\"pytający \\\"\\\"\\\"Who\\\"\\\" and \\\"\\\"what\\\"\\\" are interrogative pronouns.
argot (slang)
\\\"informal expressions used by a particular group of people such as criminals. \\\"slang \\\"Don\\\'t speak to me in this ugly argot!
\\\"the fact of being involved with or a member of a political or religious organization. powiązanie \\\"What are her political affiliations?
to relent
\\\"to change your attitude and become less strict or cruel. \\\"ulegać ustępować \\\"Her parents finally relented and allowed her to go.
to be at each other\\\'s throats
\\\"to fight and argue. \\\"skakać sobie do gardła \\\"He\\\'s her brother but they\\\'re always at each other\\\'s throats.
to convey
\\\"to express what you think or feel; to communicate something. \\\"wyrażać przekazywać \\\"His tone conveyed an unmistakable warning.
\\\"willing to consider new ideas or listen to someone else\\\'s opinions. \\\"otwarty \\\"He\\\'s a very kind and receptive young man.
to butt in
\\\"to interrupt a conversation. \\\"wtrącać się \\\"Stop butting in!
to blurt out
\\\"to say sth suddenly and without thinking because you are nervous or excited. \\\"wypaplać wygadać się. \\\"We didn\\\'t want to tell Mum but Ann blurted the whole thing out.
to hit the roof
\\\"to be extremely angry. \\\"być wściekłym \\\"Dad hit the roof when I got home.
to confide
\\\"to tell someone you trust about personal things that you do not want other people to know. \\\"zwierzyć się \\\"She\\\'s the only person I can confide to.
to beckon
\\\"to make a signal to someone with your hand to show that you want them to come towards you. \\\"skinąć na kogoś \\\"She beckoned at the child who came running.
to gabble
\\\"to say sth so quickly that people cannot hear you or understand you properly \\\"powiedzieć coś niezrozumiale \\\"Just calm down stop gabbling and tell me what has happened.
\\\"a sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other. \\\"romans \\\"She\\\'s having an affair with her boss.
to argue
\\\"to say things (often angrily) that show that you do not agree with sb about sth. \\\"sprzeczać się \\\"The couple next door are always arguing.
to argue
\\\"to give reasons that support your opinion about sth. \\\"dowodzić że; argumentować \\\"He argued against buying a new computer.
to lapse into
\\\"to go into a particular state. \\\"zapadać w \\\"She lapsed into silence/sleep/a coma.
to snap out of
\\\"to stop being sad or upset and make yourself feel better. \\\"wyjść z depresji \\\"She\\\'s been depressed for days. I wish she\\\'d snap out of it.
to natter
\\\"to talk continuously about unimportant things \\\"paplać gadać \\\"She\\\'s been nattering on about the wedding for weeks.
to get a word in edgeways
\\\"to get a chance to speak \\\"dojść do słowa \\\"Once Terry starts talking it\\\'s difficult to get a word in edgeways.
to converse
\\\"to talk informally to have a conversation \\\"rozmawiać \\\"It\\\'s difficult to converse rationally with people who hold extremist views.
to discourse on
\\\"to make a long formal speech about sth \\\"przemawiać \\\"Mrs. Hutchins discoursed at length on the ignorance of the frontier people.
to relate to
\\\"to be concerned with a particular subject \\\"odnosić się \\\"That question doesn\\\'t relate to the subject we\\\'re discussing.
to relate to
\\\"to be able to understand how somebody feels \\\"znajdować wspólny język \\\"She finds it difficult to relate to children.
not bring yourself to do sth
\\\"if you cannot bring yourself to do sth you cannot make yourself do it \\\"nie móc zdobyć się na coś nie móc zmusić się do czegoś \\\"She couldn\\\'t bring herself to touch it.
to scowl
\\\"to look at someone in an angry way \\\"zmierzyć kogoś wzrokiem \\\"When he said he didn\\\'t agree with her she scowled at him and left the room.
to grumble
\\\"to keep complaining in an unhappy way \\\"narzekać \\\"The farmers are always grumbling about the weather.
to stammer
\\\"to say sth with a lot of pauses and repeated sounds \\\"jąkać się \\\"He stammered an apology and left quickly.
\\\"false intended to deceive sb. \\\"fałszywy \\\"He gave the police a phony address.
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