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blow a kiss
to kiss your hand and then pretend to blow the kiss towards somebody wysyłać całusy
to blow a fuse - to blow your top
to get very angry zdenerwować się wkurzyć
to blow the gaff on sb/sth
to tell sth secret especially by mistake wygadać się
blubber(informal disapproving)
to cry noisily beczeć There he sat blubbering like a baby.
the extra force given to a word or phrase when spoken especially in order to show that it is important; a way of writing a word ( for example drawing a line underneath it ) to show that it is important podkreślenie \\\'I can assure you\\\' she added with emphasis the figures are correct\\\'
to give special importance to sth podkreślać uwypuklać She emphasized that her plan would mean sacrifices and hard work.
to make sth more noticeable akcentować She swept her hair back from her face to emphasize her high cheekbones.
to explain an idea or a work of literature in a lot of detail wyjaśniać objaśniać How can we best explicate \\\'King Lear\\\' and understand it?
fiddle with sth
to keep touching or moving sth with your hands especially because you are bored or nervous bawić się czymś bezmyślnie He was fiddling with keys while he talked to me.
to fidget
to keep moving your body your hands or feet because you are nervous bored or excited wiercić się kręcić się Sit still and stop fidgeting.
a fidget
a person who\\\'s always fidgeting osoba wiercąca się niecierpliwa nerwowa
unable to remain still or quiet niespokojny The children get fidgety if they have nothing to do.
to say nice things about sb often in a way that is not sincere because you want them to do sth for you or you want to please them pochlebiać mówić komplementy Are you trying to flatter me?
to make sb seem more attractive or better than they really are That color doesn\\\'t flatter many people. The score line flattered England. (they didn\\\'t deserve to get such a high score)
to be\\\\feel flattered to be pleased because sb has made you feel important and special He was flattered by her attention. I was flattered at being asked to give a lecture
frown ~ at sb/sth
to make a serious angry or worried expression by bringing your eyebrows closer together so that lines appear on your forehead marszczyć brwi What are you frowning at me for? She frowned with concentration.
(in speech) frown on/upon sb/sth - to disapprove of sb/sth krzywo patrzec na coś/kogoś In her family any expression of feeling was frowned upon. She looked up with a puzzled frown on her face.
words that have no meaning or are impossible to understand bełkot You were talking gibberish in your sleep.
to speak quickly in a way that is difficult to understand often because of fear bełkotać He cowered in the corner gibbering with terror.
~ at sb/sth to look at sb/sth in an angry way patrzeć ze złością He didn\\\'t shout he just glared at me silently.
I looked at her and she glared furiously back. spojrzeć się
glower ~ at sb/sth
to look in an angry aggressive way patrzeć z gniewem
to smile widely usmiechać się szeroko They grinned with delight when they heard our news.
a person who complains a lot maruda zrzęda I can\\\'t stand him - he\\\'s such an old grouch.
a complaint about sth unimportant zrzędzić marudzić Students always have plenty of grouches.
a feeling of friendship between members of a group braterstwo the revolutionary ideas of fraternity and equality
to bottle up
to deliberately not allow yourself to show your feelings and emotions ukrywać tłumić uczucia It is far better to cry than to bottle up your feelings.
~ at sb - to keep complaining at sb about their behavior or keep asking them to do sth nie dawać komuś spokoju marudzić nagabywac do zrobienia czegoś Stop nagging - I\\\'ll do it as soon as I can. She has been nagging him to paint the window.
to worry or irritate you continuously nękać A feeling of unease nagged at her. Doubts nagged me all evening.
if you nod nod your head or your head nods you move your head up and down to show agreement understanding. przytakiwać kiwać głową I asked him if he would help me and he nodded. He nodded sympathetically.
to have a nodding acquaintance with sb/sth to only know sb/sth slightly znać się z widzenia
a nod and a wink\\\\ a nod is as good as a wink used to say that a suggestion or a hint will be understood without anything more being said Everything could be done by a nod and a wink.
on the nod - If a proposal is accepted on the nod it is accepted without any discussion. z miejsca bez problemu bez sprzeciwu
to look closely or carefully at sth especially when you cannot see it clearly przypatrywać się przyglądać się She kept peering over her shoulders. We peered into the shadows.
if you pout pout your lips or if your lips pout you push out your lips to show you are annoyed or to look sexually attractive. nadymać wargi He pouted angrily. Her lips pouted invitingly. Her lips were set in a pout of annoyance.
to purse sb\\\'s lips to form your lips into a small tight round shape for example to show disapproval. zaciskać usta
to scowl at sbsth - to look at sb/sth in an angry or annoyed way spojrzeć gniewnie The receptionist scowled at me.
an angry look or expression patrzeć wilkiem krzywić się He looked at me with a scowl.
to show that you have no respect for sb by the expression on your face or the way you speak drwić szydzić He sneered at people who liked pop music.
a sneering comment or laugh szyderczy dwiący uśmiech lub uwaga \\\'You? A writer?\\\' She sneered.
to make a loud sound by breathing air out noisily through your nose especially to show that you are angry or amused parskać prychać She snorted in disgust. The horse snorted and tossed its head. \\\'You!\\\' he snorted contemptuously.
to give a snort of disgust/laughter parskać prychać to snort with laughter/annoyance
to speak with difficulty repeating sounds or words and often stopping before saying things correctly jąkać się Many children stammer but grow out of it.Ww-what?\\\' he stammered. She was barely able to stammer out a description of her attacker
to have difficulty speaking because you cannot stop yourself from repeating the first sound of some words several times zacinać się jąkać się I managed to stutter the reply.
talk the hind legs of a donkey (informal) to talk too much especially about boring or unimportant things gadać dużo czesto nieistotntych rzeczy
talk through your hat (informal) to say silly things while you are talking about a subject you don\\\'t understand pleść co ślina na język przyniesie
a sudden short period of angry and unreasonable behaviour especially in a child napad złości to have/throw a tantrum
tip off
A piece of information that sb gives to the police to warn them about an illegal activity dać cynk przekazać poufne informacje The man was arrested after an anonymous tip-off.
tip off
tip sb a winktip the wink to sb to give sb secret information that they can use to gain advantage for themselves dać cynk
to toady to sb a person who treats sb more important with special kindness or respect in order to gain their favor or help podlizywać się She\\\'s always toadying to her boss it\\\'s awful.
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