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Variables in the answer choices?
Plug In
Question says "in terms of"
Plug In
Question asks for a fraction or percent of an unknown total
Plug In
There's a missing piece of info needed to solve the problem
Plug In
Problem says something "must be" true
Plug In more that once
Question asks for a specific amount and there are no variables
Plug In The Answer (PITA)
Problem involves averaging
Draw the Average Pie
Problem involves Rate
Draw the Rate Pie
Rate problem in which the task is undefined
Plug In Widgets
Rate problem in which people are working together
Add the Rates
Rate problem in which people are traveling towards or away from each other
Problem asks for a percent increase or decrease
(diff/orig) * 100
Ratio problem with a ratio and one actual number
Ratio Box
Problem uses the words "normal distribution"
Bell Curve; 2, 14, 34, 34, 14, 2 (adds up to 100)

The mean  or average goes at the top of the curve.
You're asked to find probability
(what you're looking for)/(total possibilities)
You're asked to find the probability of multiple events
Add = Multiply
Or = Add
Data Sufficiency question that starts with "Has?" "Do?" "Is?" and there are variables in the statements
Yes/No Data Sufficiency
Plug In
There are the same numbers of equations as there are variables
stack the equations and solve
Arrangements problem in which order doesn't matter
You see weird symbols
You're asked to find the area of a weird shaded region
weird shaded = total - unshaded
You're working with large numbers, factorials or exponents
Break it down into smaller parts.

Prime Factors
You see a common quadratic
Factor -> FOIL
FOIL -> Factor

x^2 + 2xy + ...  (x+y)...
finish these...
The problem uses the words "both" or "neither"
Group Problem or Formula
There are groups with 2 sets of either/or characteristics
Group Grid
x of y cards