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Multiaxil System
Axis I: Clinical Disorders
Other Conditions that are focus of treatment
Axis II: Personality Disorder
Mental retardation
Axis III: Medical Conditions
Axis IV: Psychosocial Stressors
Axis V: GAF      
Aspergers Disorder
-Impairment in social interactions, and repititive, stereotyped behaviors and interests.
-Obsession with certain topics
-Reptitive behaviors
-Flaps hands, bangs head
-Difficulty socializing with peers
-Lacks age appropriate social skills
     * Differential Diagnosis with Autism : Autism has language impairments
. 7-6-2
. Restless, Fidgety, Easily distracted, talks a lot, interrupts, can't sit still, doesn't finish things
*Differentiatie with ODD: CHild is intentionally being defiant
*Are there learning disabilities?
* POor social skill accounted for by PDD    
Conduct disorder
-3 or more antisocial acts within 1 year
-1 act occurs in last 6 months
-Steals, hurts animals, sets fires, doesnt care about consequences, trouble with the law, fights, lacks empathy, bullies, truant
* Differentiate with odd: severity is important, CD is cruel and aggressive with no remourse. 
*CD Behaviors from 15 until 18 years old is Antisocial Personality Disorder     
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
-6 months or longer
-Argues with authority, pestering, definat, talks back, angry, annoying, bratty
- At least 1x/month for 3 months; onset of 4 years old.
-Primary= never soild free
-Secondary= has been soil free
-accidents, shame
-rule out organic causes= refer to a physician
-Assess for abuse
-2xs/week for 3 months. Onset 5 years old
-Rule out oraganic causes or abuse
Seperation anxiety Disorder
-lasts 4 weeks
-onset before 18
-.early onset before age 6
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