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An intentional cut through intact tissue for the purpose of exposing or excising underlying structures is called an
Class ___ surgical wounds have the highest rate of infection
IV (4)
The final wound classification is assigned
When the procedure is finished
A wound expected to heal by first intention is a
Clean wound
Which of the following involves irrigation to wash out contaminants and removal of devitalized tissue?
Pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function are classic local signs of
Healing where the wound is left open and allowed to heal from the inner layer to the outside surface is
Second intention
Which phase of wound healing begins within minutes of injury?
In which phase of healing does a wound undergo a slow, sustained increase in tissue tensile strength?
In the proliferation phase, which of the following forms into fibers that give the wound approximately 25-30% of its original tensile strength?
Raised, thickened scar due to excessive collagen formation is
A physical factor influencing wound healing is
All of the above

Radiation exposure
The partial or total separation of a layer or layers of tissue after closure is called
An abnormal attachment of two surfaces or structures that are normally separate is called
A tract between two epithelium-lined surfaces that is open at both ends is called
Which of the following is used on a wound that has been primarily closed and from which little or no dainage is expected?
One-layer dressing
Occlusive adherent polyurethane, liquid collodion, and aerosol adhesive sprays are examples of
One-layer dressings
Which dressing layer is considered the absorbent layer?
Which contact layer draws fluids from the wound surface and allows for the passage of air?
Elastic bandages, Montgomery straps, and tape are examples of
Outer layers
Who was a developer of sterile technique?
By the early twentieth century, most suture materials used for surgical procedures were made from
Intestinal walls of sheep
Which sutures are designed to hold tissue edges together until they heal and can withstand normal stress?
The suture diameter is referred to as the ____ of the suture.
One factor that must be considered when choosing suture material is
All of the above

The condition of the patient's tissue
The surgeon's preference
Plain gut, chromic gut, PDS II, and Monocryl are examples of
Monofilament absorbable sutures
Surgical silk and surgical cotton are characteristics of
Multifialament nonabsorbable sutures
Which of the following is commonly used for abdominal wound closure, hernia repair, tendon repair, and bone repair?
Stainless steel
Which of the following sutures is absorbable?
One of the most important pieces of information the STSR should learn to look for on a box of sutures is
Precut ties that are removed as single strands from the package and placed into the opened hand of the surgeon for use as ligatures are
A fast-healing, thin membrane lining the abdominal cavity is called
The area of tough connective tissue just beneath the skin and just above the subcutaneous layer is called
A primary suture line consisting of a single strand of suture placed as a series of stitches is called
Large-gauged, interrupted, nonabsorbable sutures placed lateral to a primary suture line for wound reinforcement are called
Sutures placed into the sclera of the eye, the myocardium of the heart, or the tongue are examples of
Traction sutures
Pieces of plastic or rubber tubing threaded over the retention suture ends before the ends are tied are called
For the most part, which of the following have replaced umbilical tape as isolation/retraction devices for vessels, nerves, or ducts?
Vessel loops
Which of the following is a disadvantage of staple use?
A stapler used to insert two straight, evenly spaced, side-by-side rows of staples into tissue is
A stapler commonly used during resection and reanastomosis of the distal colon or rectum
Intraluminal circular
An absorbable mesh that provides temporary support during healing is
Polyglactin 910
Which mesh application may result in discomfort for the patient?
Stainless steel
Eye, point, body, and shape are characteristics of
The suture is attached to the needle at the
Needles manufactured with suture strands inserted into one end are
The needle used for tough tissue that is difficult to penetrate is called
Needles used to penetrate tissue for the delivery of endoscopes into body cavities or joint spaces are
Trocar point needles
A needle that can penetrate tissue without cutting it is a
Tapered-point needle
Which of the following determines the shape of the needle body?
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