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The scrub suit is worn to
Reduce particle shedding
A cover gown or laboratory coat is sometimes required to be worn
In areas of the hospital outside the surgical services area
Caps, hoods, and space helmets are types of
Head coverings
Which of the following is worn to contain and filter moisture droplets expelled from the mouth and nasopharynx?
Which of the following may be worn when a procedure requires large amonts of irrigation fluid or large spills may occur?
Shoe cover
Latex gloves should not be worn
If the patient is latex sensitive
Which of the following has shown to significantly reduce the amount of blood contamination of the hands?
Double gloving
An area on the front of a surgical gown from the waist to the midchest circumferentially to 2 inches above the elbows on the sleeves is considered
Which of the following is considered the weak link of a surgical gown and is considered nonsterile?
Which of the following is worn for an extremely high-risk procedure or infected patients?
Space suits
Which of the following may be worn any time exposure to blood or body fluids may occur?
All of the above

Face shield
Which of the following may be worn when hands are exposed to X-rays?
Lead glove
The sterile field should be established
Furthest from the door
The anesthesia machine should be set up
At the head of the bed
The sterile field is created
Just before the procedure begins
Packs containing disposable drapes, supplies, sutures, blades, and items necessary for specific procedures are called
Custom packs
The order of technique for opening sterile basin set is
Verify exposure to a sterilization process, tear sealing tape, open first flap, open side flaps, put flap closest to your body toward you
Torn, perforated, or wet supplies
Should not be used
Organisms on the surface of the skin easily removed by handwashing are called
Transient organisms
It is preferable to use a surgical scrub preparation that provides a film of protection lasting several hours to
Kill microbes that work their way to the surface of the skin
The scrub method in which hands and arms are scrubbed for a prescribed length of time is called
Timed method
After scrub is complete it is important to
Avoid touching nonsterile items
Following scrubbing when self-gowning, the STSR should
Be aware of the total environment to avoid contamination
The closed-glove technique is used
After the sterile gown has been donned
The method used to don gloves for skin preparation, catheterization, or any procedure to be performed in a sterile fashion without surgical hand scrub or use of sterile gown is called an
Open-glove technique
Which person assists team members with turning gowns
The gown is removed
Prior to glove removal
The gown may be removed
Both B and C

Following the case
During a procedure if contamination occurs
After removing gloves
Dispose of them immediately
Grasping the outer cuff of both gloves with the thumb and middle finger of the opposite hand, then pulling both hands outward at the same time, removing both gloves, prevents
The wearer from having to touch contaminated areas of gloves with bare hands
Which of the following provides a large sterile area for initial preparation and storage of drapes, supplies, irrigations, medicines, and instruments?
Back Table
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a Mayo stand?
The entire stand is sterile
A key principle of practice at the Mayo stand, without regard to particulars of instrument location, is
Place only those instruments likely to be used on the stand
Who is responsible for draping in the operating room?
All parties may be involved
During the transfer of drapes
Move slowly and carefully to avoid touching nonsterile areas
An appropriate response to contamination is
Discard and replace
When the back table is being prepared
Movement in and around the sterile field must not compromise the sterile field
One principle of practice that should be observed while setting up the back table is
Keep body centered in a box and move shoulders and hands while working
Which of the following can be adjusted to the height of the sterile field created over the surgical patient?
Mayo stand
During the draping process
Once the drape falls below waist level, do not touch it again
An incision in the abdominal wall in order to gain access to the abdominal cavity and its contents is a
Which of the following is a draping procedure that runs an unusually high risk of hand contamination?
Which of the following is not a routine check performed on lithotomy and extremity draping?
Activity between the initiation of the skin incision and the applicatikon of the dressing is most illustrative of the classic role of the
Anatomy that approximates the statistical norm refers to
None of the above
Which instruments are placed into the surgeon's hand "pencil" style
The proper time to complete the first count of instruments is
After preparation of the Mayo stand
The STSR must protect the sterile area containing instruments until
The patient is removed from the operating room
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