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Rehabilitation Nursing Definition
-restoring the person who becomes physically or mentally challenged to his or her former abilities as much as possible
ADL's (2types)
-Activities of Daily Living -Assist clients by giving them physical care and encouragement, and helping them with self-care -Functional & Instrumental
Functional ADL's are
-Dressing skills (assistance needed) -Cleanliness & self care (bathing, grooming, care of teeth, nails, hair, assistance needed) -Elimination (toileting skills, continence level) -Activity & mobility level (Walking, & transfer)
Instrumental ADL's
-ADL skill need at home or at work -Management of money -Ability to read and write -Ability to recognize physical and emotional difficulties and seek assistance when needed
Hearing problems pt care (irrigation)
-when you sue a solution to cleanse the external ear canal or remove something form the canal
Hearing problems (other pt care)
-Hearing aid -Volume control on telephone -Hearing dog assist deaf person by alerting them to the telephone, doorbell, or intruders
Incontinence pt care (spinal cord injury)
- The lower the level of spinal cord injury, the less likely the client is to have difficulty with elimination. -If the injury is high in the spinal cord, the client will often need bowel or bladder retraining to reestablish independent elimination patterns
Incontinence pt care (Bowel elimination)
-A well balanced diet, adequate fluids, exercise, and regular times for bowel elimination are helpful preventive measures.
Incontinence pt care (Bladder elimination)
-encourage fluid intake to approximately 3,000 ml/day. help clients to establish patterns of voiding approximately every 2 hours & gradually increasing interval
Incontinence pt care (side note)
- When enemas or laxatives are prescribed on a routine basis for overflow incontinence, caregivers often fear creating laxative or enema dependency
Hearing Problems pt care (otic or Ear drops)
-medications placed directly into ear canal. -Ear drops may be ordered to treat ear infection or inflammation & to reduce pain or soften the earwax
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