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How many advantages do synthetic oil have over petroleum oil and what are they?
Synthetic oil has two principal advantages over petrolium. It has fewer tendencies to deposit lacquer and coke and fewer tendencies to evaporate at high temperature. Vol.2 6-19
Where is damage on a titanium compressor blade not allowed to be reworked?
The Fillet Vol.2 10-47
Stoning or local rework of a compressor blade is performed in what direction?
Parallel to the length of the blade Vol.2 10-46
When damage is found on a compressor blade, what is used to smooth out/rework the the damage?
Stones, files, and emory cloth Vol.2 10-46
What is used to finish smoothing out a nick on a compressor blade?
Crocus cloth Vol.2 10-46
What is galling on a compressor blade?
A transfer of metal from one surface to another Vol.2 10-49
What is he most common discrepancy detected during inspection of the hot section (combustion section) of a turbine engine?
Cracking Vol.2 10-49
What are the 2 types of fuel nozzles?
Simplex & Duplex Vol.1 2-45
What causes hot spots in a combustion section?
Malfunctioning fuel nozzle Vol.1 2-45
How is compression accomplished in an axial compressor?
Through a series of rotors and stators Vol.1 1-41
What is bleed air used to operate?
1) Cabin pressurization, heating, and cooling 2) Deicing & anti-icing equipment 3) Pneumatic starting of engines 4) Auxiliary drive units (ADU) Vol.1 1-40
In a turboprop engine how much of the energy produced is used to drive the propeller?
Approximately 80-85% Vol.1 1-37
What are the two different types of compressors currently being used in gas turbine a/c engines?
Axial-flow and Centrifugal-flow Vol.1 1-40
What are the two main elements that make up an axial-flow compressor and compress the air entering the engine?
Rotors and stators Vol.1 1-41
What are the advantages of a centrifugal-flow compressor over an axial-flow?
Simplicity of manufacture and low cost and low weight Vol.1 1-43
What are the three types of combustion chambers?
Can type Can-annular type Annular type Vol.1 1-44
What are the two types of fuel nozzles currently being used in various types of combustion chambers?
Simplex and Duplex Vol.1 1-45
What type of engine seal is pressurized?
Labyrinth Vol.1 1-53
Which gas-turbine engine delivers power through a shaft to operate something other than a propeller?
Torboshaft Vol.1 1-55
This valve is set from the cockpit to select the tank from which fuel is to be delivered to the engine?
Selector valve Vol.1 2-3
What delivers a continuous supply of fuel at the proper pressure and at all times during engine operations?
Engine driven fuel pumps Vol.1 2-43
What are the two system categories of engine driven fuel pumps?
Constant displacement Nonconstant displacement Vol.1 2-43
What provides relatively distortion-free flow of air, in the required quantity, to the inlet of the compressor?
Engine inlet Vol.1 3-17
Before removing an igniter plug, what needs to be done first?
Disconnect electrical connectors from exciter units and disconnect the lead from the igniter plug Vol.1 4-43
Since silver is so expensive, what are the most generally used conductors?
Copper and Aluminum Vol.1 4-47 - 4-48
Most manufacturers mark the wires at intervals of not more than ____ inches lengthwise and within ____ inches of each junction or terminating point?
15, 3 Vol.1 4-50
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