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Diagnostic imaging includes which of the following?
Plain radiographic films are used in the operating room to
All of the above

Identify the location of abnormalities and foreign bodies
Locate lost sponges, sharps, or instruments
Aid in bone realignment and prosthesis placement
An AP radiographic film is taken
From front to back
A myelogram is used to
Evaluate the spine
Contrast medium is used to
Enhance visualization during diagnostic imaging procedures
Allows resl-time viewing of procedural events
Angiography is used to
Assess the cause and severity of peripheral vascular disease
Angiography is
All of the above

Often performed in the cardiac catheterization laboratory
Performed under sterile conditions
In reference to contract material, iodine concentration
Both A and B

Determines the radiodensity of the material
Is listed on the label
Cardiac catheterization permits
All of the above

Evaluation of heart function
Visualization of coronary arteries and cardiac chambers
Measurement of pressures within the cardiac chambers
Cholangiography is a radiographic study of the
Gall bladder
MRI is especially useful for imaging
Soft tissue
Ultrasound involves the use of
High-frequency sound waves
Ultrasound waves are produced when
A crystal is stimulated electrically
Ultrasound is ideal for examination of the fetus because
It does not use ionizing radiation
Transesophageal echocardiography
Is a minimally invasive procedure
Nuclear medicine studies are also referred to as
Isotope scanning
The MBIG scan is a specific type of isotope scan used to identify a problem with the
Adrenal gland
Blood collected from the patient for hematological studies may be
Both A and B

Urine collected over a 24-hour period is tested to determine
Levels of electrolytes and nitrogenous wastes
Tissue samples for biopsy may be obtained by which method?
All of the above

Needle aspiration
Incisional biopsy
Excisional biopsy
The term staging refers to
degree of tumor metastasis
The normal percentage of oxygen saturation in arterial blood is
96-100% of capacity
The ___ is the physician who will provide a biopsy report
If a frozen section is indicated, the specimen must be
Preserved in a fixative
The gram stain is a technique used to
Identify bacteria
Anaerobic bacteria are able to survive
Without oxygen
A culture provides information about
The type of antibiotic that an organism is sensitive to
Thoracentesis is
Removal of fluid from the pleural cavity
Elecroencephalography is a
Display and recording of electrical activity of the brain
Display and recording of the electrical activity of skeletal muscle is called
Arterial saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen is measured with the use of
Pulse oxymetry
An estimation of the arterial levels of carbon dioxide is determined with the use of
Information about the patient's lung capacity, resistance, and ventilatory pressure is obtained and displayed with the use of
Deep-vein thrombosis can be diagnosed with the use of
Which of the following are indications for surgery?
All of the above

What is the first priority of the STSR when an intraoperative X-ray is being taken?
Protect the sterile field from contamination
Which of the following are sources of patient data?
All of the above

History and physical examination
Diagnostic imaging
Laboratory findings
Roentgenography is synonomous with the term
Auscultation involves the use of a
Correct placement of indwelling catheters, tubes, and drain may be verified with the use of
Mammography utilizes X-rays to locate tumors of the
The Seldinger technique is used to
Allow easy entrance into most vessels of the body
Contrast media is introduced
Both B and C

The brand name Renografin indicates that the iodine concentration of the product is appropriate for use in the ____ system.
Angiography catheters may be inserted through the ____ vein.
All of the above

The Doppler probe can be utilized within the sterile field provided that
It is covered with a sterile drape
The normal blood value of platelets is
130-400 103/mm3
The xiphoid process is the
Distal portion of the sternum
The gall bladder is found in the
Right upper abdominal quadrant
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