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Intensity of a single-slit diffraction pattern
I = Imax[sin(ϕ)/ϕ]^2 where ϕ = πasinθ/λ in rad and θ is in degrees
Intensity of a double-slit diffraction pattern
I = Imax*cos^2(πdsinθ/λ)[sin(ϕ)/ϕ]^2 where ϕ = πasinθ/λ in rad πdsinθ/λ in rad too, and θ is in degrees
Malus's Law
I = Imax*cos^2(θ) where θ is in degrees
Relation of angle of incidence and angle of refraction and their speeds
sinθ1/sinθ2 = v1/v2
Index of Refraction
n = c/v
Snell's Law of Refraction
n1*sinθ1 = n2*sinθ2
Critical Angle for Total Internal Reflection
sinθc = n2/n1 (n1 > n2)
M = h'/h = -q/p
Mirror eqn in terms of focal lengths
1/p + 1/q = 1/f
Sign of p when object is in front of mirror
Relationship between p and q distance for refracting surfaces
n1/p + n2/q = n2-n1/R
Lens-maker's equation
1/f = (n-1)(1/R1 - 1/R2)
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