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Rheumatoid arthritis results from inflammation of which of the following membranes?
Synovial membranes
The type of connective tissue that stores fat is called
The prefix neo- means
The suffix -itis means
The ______ layer of a serous membrane lines a body cavity
You are studying a slide of a body tissue, but the label has rubbed off. You see a few similar cells that do not contact each other, many elastic fibers, and collagen. The tissue is:
Dense connective tissue
Neuron fibers are called
Axons and Dendrites
Connective tissues probably do not contain
Goblet cells
The cancer detection technique using X-Rays to produce cross-sectional pictures of body parts is called:
CT (computed tomography)
Name one similarity and one difference between radiography and ultrasound in the study of tumors.
Both used for diagnosis.

Radiography uses x-rays

Ultrasound uses reflected high frequency sound waves.
The name of the connective tissue band connecting two bones is the:
Pleurae are examples of which type of membrane?
The prefix pseudo- means:
Inflammation of the serous membrane within the abdominal cavity results in a condition called
Another term for neoplasm is:
Transitional epithelium is tissue that
Can stretch to accomplish its function
A term for flat, irregular epithelial cells is
The fatty material that insulates and protects some nerve cell fibers is:
A tumor that spreads to other tissues is described as a ________ tumor.
Osteocytes are to bone as chondrocytes are to
Why is surgery more successful in the treatment of the benign tumors than malignant tumors?
Benign tumors spread to other tissues which makes them more difficult to remove. Benign tumors are enscapulated so they are easier to remove.
You are studying a slide of body tissue labeled "skeletal muscle." The tissue is composed of many small fibers running parrallel. You do not see any nuclei or striations. Is the label correct or incorrect. Defend your answer.

Skeletal muscle tissue would have striations and many nuclei.
Ms. B has a lump in her arm. The doctor has determined that the lump has not spread and is derived from adipose tissue. This lump would best be described as a:
Benign lipoma
Another name for osseous tissue is:
Which of the following is a malignant tumor?
A cord of connective tissue that joins a muscle to a bone is called a
Which of the following is an epithelial tissue membrane
List the three traditional types of cancer treatments and explain briefly how they work.
Surgery - removes cancer

Radiation - destroys dividing cancer cells

Chemotherapy - Uses drugs to stop actively growing cells.
The meninges
contain connective tissue
A sticky protective fluid secreted by some epithelial cells is called:
Which of the following muscle types is under voluntary control?
The connective tissue membrane that covers and protects skeletal muscles is called the:
Deep fascia
The removal of living tissue for microscopic examination is called
You want to design a membrane to protect a tube from the surrounding environment. The membrane must prevent substances from passing through the tissue and must also secrete a protective substance. You decide to use a membrane already in use in the human body as your template. The best membrane to use is:
Mucous membrane
Name the three types of epithelial membranes and give an example of each
Serous - Serous pericardium
Mucous - Lining of nasal cavity
Cutaneous - Skin
Fibers that conduct a nerve impulse toward a neuron cell body are:
Based on your knowledge of word parts, an osteoblast is most likely to be:
An immature bone cell.
You are studying a slide of body tissue but the label has rubbed off. You see a single layer of closely packed cells that are long and narrow. The tissue is:
Simple columnar epithelium
A layer of dense connective tissue around an organ such as the liver or kidney is called a:
Irregular dense connective tissue
The cancer treatment method that uses substances to stimulate the immune system is called:
Which of the following treatments involves the use of antineoplastic agents?
The study of tissues is
The medical process of classifying a tumor based on its size and extent of invasion is
The tissue that surrounds the heart is
Tissue wasting caused by a decrease in cell number is called
A flexible white protein that makes up many of the fibers in connective tissue is
A term that describes long narrow epithelial cells is
Why is blood considered to be connective tissue? Define connective tissue.
Blood is considered to be a circulating connective tissue with a fluid consistency. Connective tissue is defined as cells separated by a form of matrix.
A benign tumor of adipose tissue is called a:
The support cells of the nervous system are:
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