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True, false and floating ribs?
true 1 - 7 False 8,9&10 Floating 11 & 12
Which are typical ribs?
3 - 10
What are the characteristics of a typical rib?
2 faceted head (own vertebra and sup vertebra). Neck Tubercle ( of neck, attaches to own vertebra's transverse process) Angle (weak point) Costal groove (Inf.Interior border. VAN)
Which are atypical ribs?
1 , 2 , 11 & 12
why 1?
shaft is wide and nearly horizontal. sharpest curve. single faceted head to articulate with T1. two grooves for the subclavian vessels,separated by the scalene tubercle.
why 2?
thinner, less curved
why 11 & 12?
one facet on their head. short with no necks or tubercles. terminate in the abdominal wall
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