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____ clusters are clusters that have no file in the FAT pointing to them.
If you add the ____ switch to the Chkdsk command, it will repair cross-linked and lost clusters.
Which of the following is true about a software cache?
It is a cache program that is stored on the hard drive like other software. The software cache program uses system RAM to hold the cache. It is loaded into memory usually when a computer is booted. (All of the above.)
Buffers are implemented by putting the appropriate command in the ____ file.
A(n) _______ backup backs up only files that have changed or have been created since the last backup of any kind.
A(n) backup backs up files that have changed or been created since the last full backup.
A ____ is a dormant code added to software and triggered at a predetermined time or by a prdetermined event.
Logic Bomb
____ offers several easy-to-use tools to prevent damage to a hard drive, recover data from a damaged hard drive, and improve system performance.
NortonĀ® Utilities
Error messages such as "Invalid media type" or "Non-Dos disk" often indicate _____.
A damaged boot record on a hard drive.
NTFS supports ____ drives, which means that two copies of data can be kept on two different drives to protect against permanant data loss in case of hard drive crash.
Which entry in the Boot.ini file indicates that you should use the first hard drive controller?
Multi (0)
Which entry in the Boot.ini file indicates that you should use the first hard drive?
Rdisk (0)
Which option under the advanced options menu applies only to domain controllers?
Directory Services Restore Mode
With the Recovery Console, you can access the _____ file system.
NTFS FAT16 FAT32 (All of the above.)
At the command prompt of the Recovery Console, type the command ____ to display a text file on the screen.
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