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What was the name of the ship commanded by Ariana La Forge?
USS Hera
What is the name of the ape-like creature found on Tyree's Planet?
What was the original cardassian name for the space station Deep Space Nine?
Terok Nor
What is the overall length in meters of a Galaxy class federation starship?
641 Meters
Where is the federation colony known as "New Berlin" located?
Earth's Moon
What was the name of the creature responsible for the death of Lt. Tasha Yar?
What is the 1st Ferengi rule of acquisition?
Once you have their money you NEVER give it back!
What exactly is the "trouble with Tribbles"?
They reproduce at an exponential rate.
What is the name of Data's brother who was found by the crew of the Enterprise- D on Omicron Theta?
What is the name of the baseball team formed by the officers and friends on Deep Space 9?
The Niners
What was the chosen name given to Jean-Luc Picard by the Borg after assimilation?
Who was the inventor of Warp Drive?
Zefram Cochrane
What relation is Thomas Riker to William Riker?
Thomas Riker was an exact duplicate created of William Riker during a Transporter accident.
What is the literal translation of the Klingon Greeting - "nuqneH"
What do you want?
What class of ship is the Enterprise NCC1701-A?
Constitution Class
What federation class of starship is the Enterprise B NCC1701-B?
Excelsior Class
What federation class of starship is the Enterprise C NCC1701-C?
Ambassador Class
What federation class of starship is the Enterprise D NCC1701-D?
Galaxy Class
What federation class of starship is the Enterprise E NCC1701-E?
Sovereign Class
What federation class of starship is the USS Voyager?
Intrepid Class
What is the name of Commander Data's pet cat?
Who did the holodeck create when asked for an opponent worthy of competing with Data?
Professor Moriarty
What is the name of the Klingon Homeworld?
Qo'nos (pronounced Kronos)
What is the name of the omnipotent entity who often taunted the captains of several federation ships.
What is the name of the "Q" like entity who was encountered in the Original Star Trek Series?
What are the Danube class runabout Space Shuttles traditionally named after?
The Great Earth Rivers
What was the name Geordi LaForge gave to the borg drone they'd rescued from a shipwreck.
What was 7 of 9's human name before she was Assimilated?
Annika Hansen
What was the name of the vulcan starfleet officer who took part in the assassination Chancellor Gorkon?
What was the name of the disease that plagued the Vidiian Race?
Who did Kirk leave on a planet full of android replicas of his nagging wife as punishment for his crimes?
Harry Mudd
Who was the Cardassian officer who kidnapped and tortured Jean Luc Picard at Celtris III?
Gul Madred
Who was the genetically engineered human who was responsible for the "Eugenics Wars"?
Khan Noonien Singh
Who was the captain of the USS Enterprise-B?
Captain John Harriman
What is the name for the "bubble" that forms around a starship when the warp nacelles are energized.
Warp Field
What is the maxium theoretical warp speed under the newer series calculation method?
Warp 10
Who was the captain of the Enterprise C?
Captain Rachel Garrett
Who was the Baseball Player who Benjamin Sisko was a fan of who broke Joe Dimaggio's record?
Buck Bokai
What is the name of the reptilian race who destroyed the earth outpost on Cestus III.
The Gorn
Who was the member of the Q continuum who found immortality boring and decided he wanted to die?
Who was the original captain of the Starship Enterprise - NCC-1701?
Robert April who was then succeeded by Christopher Pike and finally James T Kirk took the third command of the historic vessel.
What does the initial T stand for in James T Kirk?
What is the name for the ferengi ear massage that is found highly erotic and intimate in their culture?
What class of starship was the USS Defiant (The ship assigned to Deep Space Nine)?
Defiant Class - This ship was the prototype of the defiant class vessels
What is the name of the battle manuever in which you enter a short burst of warp speed to fire on an enemy before they even see it?
The Picard Manuever
Who played the role of Captain Morgan Bateson - who's ship was caught in a temporal causality loop for 90 years?
Kelsey Grammer
According to Vash, what is Q known as on the planet Brax?
The God of Lies
What is the reason that most federation starships do not have cloaking technology?
It is forbidden by the treaty of Algeron
Who was the voyager character named "Tuvix"?
He was the result of a transporter accident which merged Tuvok and Neelix into a single being.
What is the top cruising speed of an intrepid class vessel (such as voyager) in its original design?
Warp 9.975
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