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Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens, this is our species. About what time did our species appear? Where did our species first appear? What is our approximate brain capacity?
Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens:
200kya - Africa

Brain size: 1,425cc
Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens are believed to have worn animal furs as clothing thousands of years ago. What materials are believed to have been used by Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens to sew these furs together?
Bone needles
Animal tendons
Some Anthropologists believe Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens in North America utilized a flake technology tool industry that consisted of obsiden and steel scalpels (that are believed to have been gathered from volcanic regions in the West and traded to the East). What is the name of this tool industry?
Upper-Paleolithic Tool Industry
Paintings and sculptures have been uncovered around the world that show Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens were artists thousands of years ago. What are a few famous sites of Anatomically Modern Homo sapien art?
Lascaux - France

Grotte de Chauvet - France

Stadel - Germany

NOTE: These are signs of advanced technology and were drawn by Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens who were most likely bored and did not have a need to hunt 24/7.
What did Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens paint and create other works of art of?
Drew paintings of (drawn in relativity):

Magic - things that have been done that produced a positive outcome.

Teaching - Teaching children with paintings. Possibly how to hunt.

Express World View

Hunting Success

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