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In what country was the ancient city of Caral located?
Which of the follwing were among the basic characteristics of the first civilization?
the development of cities
Mesopotamian civilization
was made of cities and located in a river valley
A massive Sumerian stepped tower was called a(n)
The Epic of Gilgamesh was
an epic poem from Mesopotmia dealing with the search for immortality
What was ma'at?
the spiritual principle that focused upon truth, justice, order, and harmony as matained by the pharaoh
Which Egyptian god had been reborn after his evil brother cut him intp pieces and tossed his parts into the Nile River?
The technological base of the Hittie's success was their
introduction of iron technology to war and agriculture
Ancient Mesopotamian society
developed an irrigation system
Hammurbai did all of the following except
become Pharoah of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom
The annual flooding of the Nile River
enabled Egyptian civilization to trive by leaving deposits of fertile silt
Which of the following is not correct about the pyramids?
They were constructed during the Middle Kingdom
Egyptian hieroglyhs
used sacred characters as picture signs
The Phoenicians
invented an alphabet
The caste system
was applicable to evey member of Indian society
The members of the caste known as the untouchables were
given jobs such as handling dead bodies or collecting trash
the three "twice born" castes were the
vaisya, kshatriya, brahmins
the third ranked class, usually viewed as the merchant caste, was the
the term which refers to the system of large, joint families in India is
changed his personal values and governmental policies after becoming a Buddhist
it can be said of gender relations among ancient Indians that
men often dominated women
on a practical level, reincarnation
provided hope for the lower class
the founder of Buddhism was
Siddhartha Gautama
a key difference between Hinduism and Buddhism was that Buddhism
was simpler, as it rejected the numerous Hindu gods
the language of the Vedas was
the Mahabharata
provides an elaborate discussion on the ethics of the dharma
the Ramayana
is a presentation of Indian values
Gautama said that the way to avoid suffering was to end desire by
following the "Middle Path."
which legendary, ancient Chinese ruler is credited with providing the system of writing
Huang Di
the Shang were known for their mastery of
Bronze casting
where was the capital of the Zhou Empire
Luoyang and Xian
the Minoan civilization was establshed in
the island of Crete
although Minoan writing is undeciphered, Minoan artifacts indicate that
they had widespread trade connections
writing in Mycenaean Greece is done in what form
Linear B
what resources did southern Greece and the Aegean have most?
Grapes, olives, and some grains
the epic poem of Homer, The Iliad, related the story of a war between the Greeks and the Hitties, based in the city of
the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization is indicated by all of the following except:
emergence of monotheism
the king responsible for unifying Iran(Persia) was
Early Iranian social organization was
Cyrus and his son ruled their empire by following a practical approach of
respecting local priests and native traditions
the Persian provinces were administered by
satraps or hereditary provincial governors
what grew well in the dry environment of Greece?
Olive trees, grape vines, and barley
Greece was organized into city-states called
the area of the polis in which citizens would come together to ratify decisions, of their leaders, purchase markets goods and sell trade products was called the:
Greek polis or city-states developed because of
Greek geography, especially mountains, which sparated populations
many historians believe that the early books of the Hebrew Bible
were actually written long after the events were written about
Judaism can be difined or described as a religion of
ethical monotheism
who rebuilt Babylon as the center of the Chaldean empire?
Nebuchandnezzar II
who united Persia into a great empire and ruled with great tolerance?
what is the Zend Avesta?
the sacred book of Zoroastrainism
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