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Formula for sensitivity?
A / bottom total
Formula for specificity?
D / bottom total
Formula for PPV?
A divided by side total
Formula for NPV?
D divided by side total
Formula for EER?
A divided by side total
Formal for CER?
C divided by side total
Formula for ARR (absolute risk reduction)?
Formula for NNT (number needed to treat)?
1 / ARR
Formula for RRR (relative risk reduction)?
Formula for LR+?
Sens / 1-Spec
Formula for LR-?
1-Sens / Spec
What is a p-value?
A summary statistic representing the probability that results happened because of chance. A p-value of less than 0.05 means the chances of the result occuring due to chance is less than 5%
What is a CI?
The confidence level sets the boundaries of a confidence interval, this is conventionally set at 95% to coincide with the 5% convention of statistical significance in hypothesis testing.
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