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P.D.. 1096
National Building Code
Maximum height of a combustible stand.
2.70 mts.
Minimum spacing for seats in a chair type measurement from back to back.
0.85 mtr.
Maximum line of travel to an exit of an aisle.
45.00 mts.
Maximum slope of an aisle.
One is to Eight (1:8)
In standard seating, the minimum spacing of rows measured from back to back.
0.84 mtr.
Minimum width of any seat.
0.45 mtr.
Minimum area of a double acting door view panel.
1,300 sqmm / 1.30 sqm.
Minimum clear width of an exit doorway.
0.70 mtr.
Maximum width of an exit door leaf.
1.20 mts.
Minimum width of an exit corridor.
1.10 mts.
Minimum number of exit for floors above the first storey having an occupant load of more than 10
Number of exit for occupant load of 599-999.
Minimum downward projection of a draft curtain
0.30 mtr.
Maximum floor area for an attic made of combustible materials.
250.00 sqm
Maximum center to center spacing of a draft curtain sprinkler.
1.80 mts.
Maximum floor area for an attic made of incombustible materials.
750.00 sqm.
Standard gauge for metal hoods in barbeques.
Ga. 18
Minimum height of a Siamese connection above grade.
300 mm
Standard maximum distance of a standpipe from an opening in a stairway.
300 mm
Minimum wall thickness of a fireplace.
200 mm
Minimum number of exit for a projection room.
Minimum extended portion of a chimney above the roof.
600 mm
Minimum air space between walls of a masonry chimney above the roof.
2"" / 50 mm
Minimum thickness of glass used for floors.
12.5 mm
Maximum rise of one row of seat to the next.
400 mm / 0.40 mtr.
Minimum number of exit for stands within a building serving an occupant load of 300.
Minimum height of a guard rail located in front of the grandstand.
0.90 mtr
Minimum width of a run in a stand stair.
0.28 mtr.
Minimum spacing for seats with backrests measured from back to back.
0.75 mtr.
Minimum spacing for seats without backrests measured from back to back.
0.60 mtr.
Minimum width of an exit door in an aisle.
1.70 mts.
Minimum intensity of lights for exits.
10.70 lux
Minimum width of side aisles.
1.10 mts.
Minimum increase in width of aisles for every linear meter.
30 mm
Minimum width of an aisle serving only one side.
800 mm / 0.80 mtr.
Open space requirement for an interior lot.
50% of lot area
Open space requirement for a corner lot or a through lot.
10% of lot area
Bounded on all sides or around its periphery by building lines.
Inner court
Minimum stair width for a residence.
750 mm / 0.75 mtr.
Standard minimum area of a toilet.
1.20 sqm.
Minimum dimension of a kitchen.
1.50 mts.
Minimum area for vent shafts.
1.00 sqm.
Air space requirement for a school room per person.
3.00 cum.
Air space requirement for a habitable room per person.
14.00 cum.
Minimum area of opening of an air duct.
300 sqmm / 0.30 sqm
Maximum projection beyond the property line of a footing along the national road and at least 2.40 mts. In depth.
300 mm
Minimum clearance of a canopy or a marquee from the sidewalk.
3.00 mts.
Minimum stair width for occupant load of less than 50.
0.90 mtr.
Minimum width of a temporary walkway.
1.20 mts.
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