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Anything that prove or disprove an alleged fact.
Testimonial Evidence
Gathered from witness
Physical EvidenceĀ 
Fingerprints, blood, or tire tracks
Occurs when officer makes detailed & systematic inquires or observation
3 things you need from paramedicĀ before leaving the scene of an injured person?
1) Alarm #
2) Lead Paramedic
3) What is the likely hood of the victim dying
Common threats due to condition at the scene?
Known weapons (firearms, knives, explosives), Potential Weapons (Broken glass, stones, sticks, baseball bats, branches), & Natural weapons (fire, electricity, water hazard, rain)
When should an officer turn over the scene over to specialized investigator
1) Nature of the crime

2) severity of the crime

3) incident

4) available resources
a person who alleges that a crime has been committed
a person harmed by crime
a person believed to commit the crime or offense
a person who sees, knows, or vouches for something
Whats a combination of both victim or the witness
the complainant
What is statue 901.151?
The authority the detain a person who you believe to committed a crime.
(But you may never have authority to detain a witness)
What should a officer determine when interviewing a crime scene as far as individualsĀ involvement in the incident?
Direct or Indirect involvement
The first step in preparing to interviewing victim, complainants, or witness at a crime scene is to?
Determine to what extent the crime will be investigated
When separating interviewees they should be
separated from sight & hearing
What is a controlled area an officer can use for interviewing.
inside a patrol car
When do you not separate a individuals during interviewing
Family member during a crisis Ex. Parent/child, elderly, husband/wife
anything that tends to prove of disprove an alleged fact.
evidence gathered from witness
Testimonial evidence
evidence consist of objects or things such as fingerprints, blood, or tire tracks
Physical evidence
minute piece of evidence is called?
Trace evidence
Pieces of glass
The only ways you can use the plain view doctrine are?
  • Illegally Present
  • Known evidence of the crime
  • Contraband
There is no crime scene exception of a warrant requirement to what amendment?
4th Amendent
With experience & training an officer will be skilled at?
Detecting crimes & identifying relevant evidence
Officer must protect the evidence from?
weather elements such as rain, hail, lightning, or wind
Crime scene must be protected until?
It can be photographed & documented
Who will make the decision to request crime scene or investigative assistance?
Officer's supervisor
The primary officer Or investigator will designate what on the crime scene?
One point of access
once at the point of access an office must maintain
a crime scene log at the location
What should the crime scene log include?
Name , Rank, & agency of each person entering or leaving the scene, date & time of every entry or exit, & reason person was in the scene
Who is the pioneer of forensic science?
Dr. Edmond Locard (1877-1966)
Search patten usually outside by one person
Spiral search pattern
This search begins at a certain point & walks increasingly larger circles to the outermost boundary of the search area
Spiral search pattern
The direction of force or the sequence of glass breakage can determine 2 thing?
Which side of the glass the suspects stood, thus establishing the suspect's entry or exit path
air dry evidence must be placed in what bag?
paper bag
Not air dry evidence must placed in what bag
Plastic Bag
a search pattern usually used outside by several people
Strip/ line search pattern
a search area is divided in lanes that are searched by one or more people in both directions until the entire area has been examined
Strip/ line search pattern
search pattern often used indoors
grid search pattern
a variation of strip/line search pattern. It overlaps a series on lanes in a cross pattern, making the search more methodical & thorough.
grid search pattern
a search pattern used outdoors or for an area that is large
Zone/Quadrant search pattern
a search pattern divided in four different sections & searched using one of the patterns above
Zone/Quadrant search pattern
a search pattern dividing the area into a number of pie-shaped section
pie/wheel search pattern
How should wet evidence such as item soaked w/ body fluids or living plant material be handled?
It most be air-dried, packaged in breathable containers such as paper bags or both
Where does fiber comes from?
clothing, carpet, rope, automobile carpeting, upholstery,& other common articles
What else can be useful evidence in solving crimes such as a hit-and-run crash
Paint transfer
Biological evidence left at crime scenes may contain DNA. These specimens could be ?
Blood, Saliva, Urine, Semen, Perspiration, Vaginal secretions, feces, and vomit.
Among the most valuable types of physical evidence & one of the most common types of evidence an officer will recover at crime scene.
latent prints
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