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What is Visual Agnosia?
Impaitment in recognizing objects
What is Apraxia?
Unable to perform tasks or movements when asked
What is CRPS?
Complex regional pain Syndrome
Chronic Paint often affects arms/legs
What is Tartive Dyskinesia?
Involuntary muscle movements, similar to tourettes usually occurs after years of antipsycotic meds
What is emotional lability?
Rapid shifting of moods
What is dysarthria?
Motor speech disorder due to lack of muscle tone. Symptoms include slurred speech, soft speaking, slow rate of speech, and mumbling
Describe sterognosis/tactile agnosia/asterogonis?
The ability toe identify an object by manipulating it with the fingers without seeing it.
Define Alexia
Unable to understand written language
What is the normal blood pressure and heart rate?
Normal Blood Pressure: 120/80mm Hg
Normal Heart Rate: 60 BPM
Define Retrograde Amnesia
Memories or infor that was learned before the accident are lost
What is Anterograde amnesia?
Loss of ability to create new memories after accident..think of the movie 50 First Dates
What is Dyspena?
Shortness of Breath
Global Aphasia
Impairments in both comprehension and production (expressive and receptive language)
Define Presbicopis/Presbyopia
Loss of ability for eye to focus, cannot see items up close
AKA: farsightness
Define hypotonic
Decrease in tone
Define Athetoid CP
Involuntary muscle movement with mixed muscle tone
AKA: Dyskenetic CP
Define visual agnosia
Inibility to recognize common objects and demonstrate their use in activity
Define Hypertonic
Increase in tone
Define cateracts
Clouding on lens of eyes, place objects on sides of patient, gradual loss.

Loss of vision goes from central to perifrial
Define Apraxia
Ability to perfrom purposeful movement on command
Standard Wheelchair measurements for adults
18" Wide
16" Depth
20" Height
2" on either hip
Define Glacoma
Increase pressure, early loss of peripheral vision. Place items directly in front of patient, they can be sensitive to glare
Define Macular Degeneration
Most servere, gradual loss of vision. Starts centrally. Can have issues with transitions from light and dark, and glare. Place objects on sides of patient.
Describe manual muscle test grade Poor
Completes ROM w/ Gravity Eliminated
Describe manual muscle test grade Poor Plus
Able to initiate movement against gravity
Describe manual muscle test grade Fair minus
Patient does not have complete ROm against gravity but can move more than 1/2 range
Describe manual muscle test grade fair
completes ROM against gravity w/o manual resistance
Describe manual muscle test grade fair plus
Completes ROM against gravity with only minimal resistance
Behaviors of a Right CVA
Visual perception
visual field defects
quick implsive behaviors
unaware of impairments
poor judgements
unable to self correct
difficulty with emotions
unable to process visual cues
Behaviors of a Left CVA
Speech/Language Issues
Trouble sequencing/motor planning
aware of impairments
processing delays
difficulty expressing emotions
The best teaching approach for  mentally retarteded children
One of the most important factors during toilet training to help with posture
Feet flat on the floor
At age three during toilet training what should the child need help with
wiping and adjusting clothing
What age should a child be independent with toilet training
4-5 years old
What is the infant grasp pattern
1st- Ulnar Palmar Grasp
2nd-  Palmar Grasp
3rd- Radial Palmar Grasp
To help create ongoing postural adjustments when sitting what kinds of objects should the patient sit on?
Something that moves such as exercise ball
During dressing at age 5 the client should be able to tie and untie knots but needs cues to...
untie/tie bows
Define form consistancy perception
Ability to match similar shapes reguardless of change in their orientation in space
Define figure ground perception
ability to distinguish the bead from the background
Define position in space perception
ability to determine the spatial relationships of the beads to each other
Define Visual sequencing
activity that requires the ability to copy the same sequence of beads
What is cumulative trama disorders?
When a body part is damaged due to repeated use.
A 5 year old with down syndrome is sitting in the W position on the floor, he has low muscle tone. Is this normal or atypical development?
Normal for a child with down syndrome
What does a plaster cylindrical splint encourage
Encourages  a static stretch of PIP joint contractures
What is a dynamic outrigger splint
PIP extension, dynamic splint
What is a blocking splint
Used to isolate tendon and joint ROM
What is a PIP/DIP splint?
Dynamic splint
Level of meal preperation
5: Mutli course
4: Hot one dish meal
3:  hot bevereages, soups, frozen dinners
2: cold meals and foods such as pudding
1: toast
What type of stimulation is best for a patient with dementia?
Controlled Stimulation
An electric feeder is used for those with SCI at what levels
C4 or higher
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