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Article 1
Congress and the States
Article 1 Section 1
statement of legislative powers
Article 1 Section 2
establishment of the house of representatives
Article 1 Section 3
Establshement of the Senate
Article 1 Section 4
How the senators are elected and when assembly is required
Article 1 Section 5
Rules of the House
Article 1 Section 7
How bills and resolutions are passed within the house
Article 1 Section 8
THe powers of congress both enumerated
Article 1 Section 9
Restrictions upon federal power
Article 1 Section 10
Restrictions on the state
Article 2
Presidential Powers
Article 2 Section 1
statement of presidential powers
Article 2 Section 2
powers of the president
Article 2 Section 3
powers of the president concerning congress
Article 2 Section 4
Article 3
Judicial Branch
Article 3 Section 1
Judicial Power, Tenure of Office
Article 3 Section 2
Article 3 Section 3
Treason, Proof, Punishment
Article 4
Concerns the establishment of the state
Article 4 Section 1
Full faith and credit
Article 4 Section 2
No favoritism clause
Article 4 Section 3
Admission of New States
Article 4 Section 4
The US shall have a republican government
Article 5
How to amend the constitution
Article 6
Supremacy of the national government
Article 7
Amendment I
Freedom of Religion,Speech,Press
Amendment II
Right to bear arms
Amendment III
Quartering of soldiers
Amendment IV
Search and Seizure
Amendment V
Right of the accused
Amendment VI
Speedy Trial
Amendment VII
Jury in civil cases
Amendment VIII
No excessive punishements
Amendment IX
Rights of the people
Amendment X
Reserved rights of the states
Amendment XI
Restriction of judicial power to national instead of state
Amendment XII
Election of President and vice President
Amendment XIII
No more slavery
Amendment XIV
Universal citizeship
Amendment XV
Black people can vote
Amendment XVI
Congress has the power to tax
Amendment XVII
Established direct election of United States Senators by popular vote.
Amendment XVIII
Amendment XIX
Women Sufferage
Amendment XX
Weird President Stuff and Congressional stuff
Amendment XXI
Repealing of the liquor and shit act..irony it\\\'s 21
Amendment XXII
Limits on presidency
Amendment XXIII
Permits citizens in the District of Columbia to vote for Electors for President and Vice President.
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