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1.) The edges on flat irons that create smooth, straight styles on very curly hair are
2.) Nonpathogenic bacteria are
3.) Prior to a full-color application to a wig or hairpiece, it is recommended to perform a
strand test
4.) The living skin at the base of the nail plate covering the matrix area is the
5.) A color obtained by mixing equal parts of two primary colors is a
secondary color
6.) The part of the nail where the natural nail is formed is the
7.) During a retouch relaxer applicagtion, avoid overprocessing or hair breakage, do not:
overlap the relaxer
8.) A true classic hairdo created out of a simple ponytail that can be a simple style or dressed up is a
9.) A predisposition test is generally conducted behind the ear or
inside the elbow
10.) The tissue that is pushed back and loosened with the spoon end of a metal implement is the
11.) The most expensive wigs are those that are made of
human hair
12.) The even-flowing electric current that travels in one direction only is
direct current
13.) A combination of a thio relaxer and a thio permanent wrapped on large rods is a
soft curl perm
14.) The measure of the potential oxidation of varying strenths of hydrogen peroxide is called
15.) The stationary foundation of a curl that is also the area closest to the scalp is called the
16.) The most common reducing agents used are
thioglycolic acids
17.) The important part of the facial treatment that determines skin type, condition, and the recommended treatment is the
skin analysis
18.) To avoid overprocessing and scalp irritation in a virgin relaxer application, start at least
1/4 inch away from scalp
19.) The direction of movement in massage should always be from insertion of the muscle toward the
20.) Relaxers that contain only one component and are used without mixing are
metal hydroxide relaxers
21.) A mild abrasive that polishes fine scratches from the surface of the nail plate is
pumice powder
22.) Depending upon the usage, a typical UV lightbulb should be changed
two to three times per year
23.) Hair that is referred to as virgin or natural hair has no previous coloring, chemicals, lightening treatments, or
physical abuse
24.) Electricity does not occupy space or have physical or chemical properties; it is, however, a form of
25.) The process of permanently altering the natural wave pattern of hair is described as
chemical texture services
26.) Electric or battery-operated tools that cut the hair by using two moving blades held in place by a metal plate with teeth are
27.) A popular type of enzyme peel that does not dry and can be used during a steam treatment is the
emulsifying form
28.) To be effective, the strength of ethyl alcohol must be no less than
70 percent
29.) The term used to measure the strength of an electic current is
30.) Brushes that are used to blow-dry precision haircuts where little or no volume is desired are
classic styling brushes
31.) The study of the functions and activities performed by the body structures is
32.) An automatic nerve reaction to a stimulus that involves movement is a
33.) The layer of skin that we see and is treated by the practitioner is the
34.) The impact of a massage treatment depends upon the amount of pressure, direction of movement, and
duration of manipulation
35.) The bone that forms the back of the skull above th nape is the
36. Acne, or common pimples, is also known as
acne vulgaris
37.) To change the natural wave pattern of hair, the side bond of what layer of hair must be broken?
38.) The initiator added to polymer powder to start the chain reaction of curling the nail enhancement is
benzoyl peroxide
39.) For proper maintenance, UV gel enhancements must be rebalanced
every 2 to 3 weeks
40.) A large primary lesion containing a watery fluid is a
41.) Liquids that can be mixed with each other without separating easily are
42.) Acrylic nail enhancements are created by combining monomer liquid with
polymer powder
43.) The first UV gel applied is called the
base coat UVĀ gel
44.) The location of the four corners signals a change in the
head shape
45.) Cosmetics applied on the eyelids to accentuate or contour
46.) Any deformity or disease of the nails in general is called
47.) Another term used to describe back-brushing is
48.) Chemical services performed on hair with low porosity require a solution that is
more alkaline
49.) A contagious, recurring viral infection characterized by fever blisters or cold sores is
herpes simplex
50.) Muscles that separate the fingers are
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