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Portion of the grip that is placed in the palm of the shooting hand
provides a path for the fired bullet and is chambered to hold the cartridge
device that allow quick & simple fieldstripping of the pistol
disassemble latch
hooks on the casing's rim: as the slides travel to the rear, it pulls the casing from the chamber
hold the internal parts, as well as the slide assembly, and provides a way to grip the pistol
designed for swiftly locating the firearm & bring the target into alinement for accuracy
Front sight
made of wood, plastic, or rubber designed to give the shooter a easy grip & control of the weapon
transfer energy to the firing pin
release the magazine from the frame or magazine well
magazine release
located on the rear of the slide
rear sight
safely lowers the hammer to the at rest position; by design, it blocks the hammer from contact with the firing pin during the process
safety/ de-cock lever
I houses alot
device that locks slide in a open position or when released, lets the slide go forward
Slide Stop/ Catch/ release
Extension of the backstrap that protects the hand from the slide & hammer
Activates the pistol's operation in both & single & double action
Part of the frame that protects the trigger
Trigger Guard
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