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Short infrared is from
1000 to 700 nm?
Infrared occupies approximately
0.01mm to 700nm?
The approximate wavelength of red light is
7000 angstroms
Wavelength of green light
570 nm
X-ray has a wavelength equal to
300 to 0.3 angstrom
The highest frequencies are found in
The most energetic form of light that are produced in the hottest region
gamma rays
Electromagnetic waves produced primarily by heat
infrared rays
Most commonly used fiber in the telecommunications industry
50 and 62.5 micron
Most common light used in fiber-optic links
The theory of radio waves was originated by
The theory which states that when visible light or high-frequency electromagnetic radiation illuminates a metallic surface, electrons are emitted
planck's law
Light falling on a surface is scattered such that the apparent brightness of the surface to an observer is the same regardless of the observer's angle of view
Lambertian reflectance
Total internal reflection takes place if the light ray strikes the interface at an angle with what relationship to the critical angle
greater than
What is the diversity scheme that uses two separate antennas and receivers for each single transmitter
space diversity
What is the diversity scheme that uses two different frequencies in a simplex path
frequency diversity
By how much should two antennas be separated for space diversity in the 11 GHz band
5.5 m
The tough coating resin used in the cladding of a fiber optic cable
The abrupt change in refractive index from core to cladding of fiber-optic cable is called
step index
A short segment of a fiber optic cable is called
In fiber optics, what do you call the ray of light that passes through the optical axis of an optical fiber
meridional ray
The maximum angle between the axis of an optical fiber and a ray of light entering the fiber
angle of acceptance
In biomedical electro optics, the fiber optic used for illuminating the interior of bile ducts
The process of permanently connecting the ends of optical fiber by applying heat to melt the ends of the fiber
fusion splice
Fiber splice alignment that consists of either monitoring the loss through the splice during splice alignment or by using a microscope to accurately align the fiber cores for splicing
a new class of optical fiber having ability to confine light in hollow cores or with confinement characteristics not possible in conventional optical fiber
photonic crystal fiber
The amount of power per unit area in optical fiber is called
The ratio of the number of photoelectrons collected to the number of incident photons per unit time
quantum efficiency
It is a layer of plastic that surrounds a fiber or group of fibers
buffer tube
A disadvantage of fiber optics
A phenomenon also called stress corrosion resulting if the glass fiber is expose to long periods of high humidity
static fatigue
The process of constructing an ILD that is similar to LED except that the ends are highly polished
Which is not an important characteristic of a light detector
power consumption
Which of the following is important when deciding between using a diode laser or an LED
response time
A laser that uses a cylindrical crystal such as ruby for its active medium is considered to be of what type
solid lasers
A technique that is used to minimize the pulse dispersion effect is to
minimize the core diameter
The dispersion of light in fiber-optic cable caused by a portion of the light energy traveling in the cladding is called
waveguide dispersion
Single pulses that can travel through a medium with no dispersion
Scattering, Dispersion, Absorption, Reflection. Which is not a factor in cable light loss
Infrared absorption, chromatic absorption, modal absorption, radiation loss. Which of the following is a type of absorption loss
Infrared absorption
The correct explanation of difraction was given by
The science of measuring only light waves that are visible to the human eye
In the study of light waves, the mirror-like reflection of light from a surface, in which light from a single incoming direction is reflected into a single outgoing direction is called
specular reflection
The range of wavelength values that a given photodiode will respond
spectral response
The lowest among the layers of SONET that determines light sensitivity
Photonic layer or Physical layer
In fiber optics, OC-48 SONET channel has how many bits/s
2.4 Gbps
In fiber optics, the SONET channel with capacity sending up to 2.4 Gbps
In fiber optics, the SONET channel with capacity sending up to 40 Gbps
In fiber optics, OC-768 SONET channel has how many bits/s
40 Gbps
OC-1 (STS-1) line rate is
51.84 Mbps
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