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Which best describe the sound wave
It maybe longitudinal
Wave which cannot travel through a vaccum
sound wave
Through which medium does sound travel fastest
The frequency interval between two sounds whose frequency ratio is 2
It is an air cavity within a massive enclosure connecting to the surroundings by a narrow neck opening
Helmholtz Resonator
Sound power measured over the area upon which it is received
sound intensity
The amplitude of sound waves, the maximum displacement of each air particle, is the property which perceive as ___ of a sound
In acoustics, it is a measure of sound pressure (dB) over the frequency spectrum for which a listener perceives a constant loudness when presented with pure steady tones
Equal-Loudness contour
In the study of sound, transmission loss of sound propagation is also called
Sound Reduction Loss
In the study of sound, the absorption coefficient indicating perfect reflection is
In the study of sound waves, the term used to denote the frequency range of a musical instrument
What is the unit of loudness of an individual listener
A unit of noisiness related to the perceived noise level
Unit of sound absorption
In acoustics, ___ is generally used as a standard in tuning
A (la)
In acoustics, the pitch of a string in a musical instrument can be varied also by changing the density of the string. The relation of pitch to the density of the string as the change in frequency is
inversely proportional to the square root of the change in density
Reverberation time is defined as the time taken for the density of sound energy from the moment the sound source is stopped to decay ___ of its initial value
1 millionth
The velocity of sound in air is directly proportional to an increase in the temperature by ___ per degree celsius
Speed of sound in air at 20 deg C
1126 ft/s
Velocity of sound at 30 deg C
350 m/s
Is the continuing presence of an audible sound after the sound source has stop
A room that contains a great deal of sound absorbing material, such that there is little or no reverberation, and strong attenuation of high frequencies
dead room
A room where there is relatively small amount of sound absorption
live room
A room in which the walls offer essentially 100% absorption
Anechoic room
In acoustics, what effect does multiple reflection of sound
loudness is increased, best reverbation of sound
Sound waves which reflect from ___ will tend to focus the sound wave
concave surface
In acoustics, the optimum reverberation of a recording studio is in the range of
0.45 to 0.55 seconds
The inner ear structure called the ___ is a snail-shell like structure divided into three fluid-filled parts
The human ear is most sensitive to the range of
1000 to 3000 Hz
Lowest frequency that a human ear can hear is
20 Hz
What is called the weakest sound that the average human hearing can detect
SPL of 0 dB; threshold of hearing; reference pressure
A device used to measure the hearing sensitivity of a person
Device used in measuring sound pressure levels incorporating a microphone, amplification, filtering, and a display
Device used to calibrate SLM
The transmission of sound from one room to an adjacent room, via commn walls, floors, or ceilings
Flanking transmission
Loss of hearing sensation due to thickening of eardrum usually at old age
The type of microphone commony used in broadcasting as the most common unidirectional microphone
cardioids microphone
What kind of microphone used in broadcasting that needs a tiny amplifier built in it called the head amp
condenser microphone
A pressure type microphone with permanent coil as a transducing element
A microphone which has an internal impedance of 25 kohms
high impedance microphone
A microphone that uses the piezoelectric effect
Crystal microphone
A special microphone characterized by a long perforated tube and high sensitivity, suitable for TV applications
line microphone
The impedance of most drivers is about ___ ohms at their resonant frequency
An enclosure used to prevent front and back wave cancellation
A circuit that divides the frequency components into separate bands in order to have individual feeds to the different drivers
Dividing networks
Using a microphone at less than the recommended working distance will create a ___ which greatly increases the low frequency signals
Proximity effect
An ability of the microphone to detect very slight changes of sound
Picture frames are repeated at the rate of ___ per second
The number of fields is ___ per frame
The number of scanning lines is ___ per field
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