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Fish Oil Use
use: lower TG levels, improve cardiac health, relieve inflammation, depression

Fish Oil AE
AE: belching, bad breath, GI; increase risk bleeding
Fish Oil Counsel
counsel: take with meals, enteric coated, freeze/refridge
Fish oil products
Lovaza (EPA, DHA)
Vascepa (EPA only)
CoEnzyme Q10 Use
antioxidant, supplement to "statin" use
CoEnzyme Q10 AE
GI, HA, dizziness, irritability, anorexia
CoEnzyme Q10 interaction
procoagulant effects are theorized
Cranberry use:
UTI prevention
Cranberry AE
heartburn, diarrhea
Cranberry Interaction
may alter excretion of alkaline drugs
may be cyp 2c9 inhibitor (warfarin)
Garlic uses
hyperlipidemia, HTN
Garlic AE:
nausea, vomitting, heartburn, bad breath, body odor
garlic interactions:
increased risk of bleeding (warfarin)
pgp induction?
soy uses
hyperlipidemia, menopausal symptoms
Soy AE
GI complaints
Soy interactions
tamoxifen, tyroid hormone,
avoid supplements in pt with breast cancer hx
Saw Palmetto uses:
saw palmetto AE
GI complaints
Echinacea uses:
prevent and trineat colds, respiratory infection
Echinacea AE
GI discomfort, tongue tingling, HA, rash, hepatotoxicity
Echinacea interaction
immunosuppressants, immunostimulants, depatotoxic agents
avoid if allergic
Valerian Root use
insomnia and anxiety
valerian root AE
headache,, excitability, paradoxical insomnia
BZDP-like withdrawl
can induce uterine contractions
valerian root interaction
can potentiate other CNS depressants
Ginger use
nausea from preg, motion sickness, chemo, surgery
ginger AE
GI upset, heartburn, bloating, belching
alter platelet function, increase hypoglycemia
Ginger interaction
drugs that increase risk of bleeding and hypoglycemic medications
Black Cohosh use
sympsons of PMS and menopause
Black cohosh AE
GI complaints, rash, weight gain
black cohosh interactions
tamoxifen, raloxifene
avoid if aspirin allergy
Milk Thistle use:
treat liver disease (cirrhosis, hepatitis)
Milk Thistle AE
nausea, abdomincal fullness, pruritis (itching), headache
Milk Thistle interactions
hypoglycemic agents
drugs metabolized by 2C9 3A4
Naturopathy principles
body heals itself
treate cause not symptoms,
use low risk treatment
treat whole person (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, genetic, enviro, sexual, social)
educate for responsibility of own health
prevent, be proactive
"like cures like"
-diluent retains an "imprint" of the substance that stimulates the body's innate healing mechanism
Traditional Chinese medicine
includes acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping
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