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The purpose of a __ is to quiet a receiver in the absence of a received signal
Squelch circuit
The relationship between channel capacity, bandwidth, and noise is summarized in what is known as
Shannon-Hartley Theorem
Any estimate that is unbiased and whose variance attains the lower bound is called
Efficient estimate
The concept of __ is to feed back signal equal in amplitude to the signal fed back through CBC and 180 deg out of phase with it. The result is that the two signals will cancel one another
It is a means of avoiding full-cell splitting where the entire area would otherwise need to be segmented into smaller cells
It is a numerical factor used in television and film to indicate how light values are expanded or compressed
It is the range of frequencies for the downlink signal in conventional satellite television
3.7 - 4.4 GHz
It is the difference between the blanking level and the DC component of a composite video signal
Pedestal height
A circuit that isolates the carrier oscillator from bad changes is called a
To compose the noise performance of the receiver, which one of the following quantities is not used
Input noise voltage
Most of the gain and selectivity in a superheterodyne receiver is obtained in
IF amplifier
In amplitude modulation which of the following statement is true
The carrier varies the frequency of the information signal
An optical spectrum analyzer type instrument used to monitor separation and stability of DWDM channels at a switching center is sometimes called
Performance monitor
Waves emerging directly from the sender is called
Incident wave
Frequency attenuation is known as
A filter with maximally flat response is
IEEE 1394 is also known as
A device that interconnects networks of the same type
Wireless LAN specifications is defined by
IEEE 802.11
The maximum line attenuation of a 2 km conventional cable is
40 dB
Data rate of USB 2.0 is
480 Mbps
How many bits is required by an RS-232 C to transmit seven bits of data
Data rate of CAT-7 is
9 Gbps
SS7 standard is defined by
The attenuation of RG 59/U at 100 MHz
0.098 dBm -1
What encoding method is used in high-speed digital subscriber line
A variable-length sawtooth generator used to produce a sweep on an A-scope
This is the width of the viewed section along the orbit ground trace of a satellite
Swath distance
The condition for sinusoidal oscillation from an amplifier are called
Barhaussen criteria
The baseband bandwidth for a voice grade signal is
Approximately 3 kHz
This is the conversion of a continuous-time signal into a discrete-time signal by taking samples of a continuous time signal at discrete time instants
This is the ability of a radar to distinguish between targets that are very close together in either range or bearing
Target resolution
A circuit that cuts off the output of a receiver when there is no input
The mechanism used to reduce the no. of data bits that is normally used to express a given amount of information
Data compression
In an optical fiber, these geometrical paths which pass through the axis of symmetry and obey the self-interference condition are known as
Meridian ray
FCC assigned channel bandwidth for FM broadcast
200 kHz
Amplitude modulation can be produced by
Varying the gain of an amplifier
The maximum data rate for Wimax
75 Mbps
It is the process of extracting a phase-coherent reference carrier from a receiver signal
Carrier recovery
This type of coding compares the PAM signal to a ramp waveform while a binary counter is being advanced at a uniform rate
Level at a time
There are __ primary unshielded twisted pair cables classified by the EIA/TIA 568 standard
It is a circuit whose output is a constant amplitude for all inputs above a critical value
A type of sideband system more commonly used in military communications
Twin sideband suppressed carrier
These are active filters made of op-amps, capacitors and transistor switches
Commutating filters
In wireless communication, the main event of interest which differentiates a slow fading and fast fading channel is in terms of which of the ff.
These are three frequency bands used for RFID, LF, HF, and UHF. Which of the ff. frequencies are primarily used for the high frequency
13.56 MHz
The band of light of frequencies that is too high to be seen by the human eye with wavelengths ranging between 770 nm and 106 nm
Which of the ff. is the wavelength of CD-ROM lasers increasingly used for short distance data communications
780 nm
_____, the serial binary data is mixed with a higher frequency pseudorandom binary code at a faster rate and the result is used to phase modulate a carrier
Direct sequence
The microwire synchronous serial protocol sends
A word consisting of 16 bits of data
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