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An instrument used to take very rapid series of photographs at rates up to 2000 fps
A __ is a set of parallel slits used to disperse light using Fraunhoffer diffraction
diffraction grating
The arrangement of two points such that a cone of rays passing through one also passes through the other, producing an image of the first point
While driving on a level straightway, you hit the brakes. The acceleration vector __
points opposite to the direction the car is traveling
The farthest distance a body in an elliptic orbit about a mass makes
According to the law of conservation of momentum, in an ideal closed system __
when two objects collide, the system neither loses nor gains any total momentum
Which of the following does not have an effect on the momentum of a moving spherical particle
the diameter of the particle
A device invented by E.O. Lawrence and M.S. Livingston that is used to accelerate charged particles by means of magnetic field
Nuclear physicists commonly use particle accelerators to
fabricate elements that don't occur naturally
Greenhouse effect in the Earth's environment takes place because
the atmosphere is transparent to IR at some wavelengths and opaque to IR at other wavelenghts
According to the law of reflection, __
none of the above
A diverging lens
can collimate converging rays of light
If a spaceship is slowing down, that is, losing speed in the forward direction, the perceived force inside the ship is directed __
toward the front
Some light beams will follow curved paths __
when measured in the presence of an extreme gravitational field
A quantum mechanical effect, where two very large plates placed close to each other will experience an attractive force, in the absence of the other forces
Casimir effect
Which of the following statement is false
a convex mirror can be used as the main objective in a reflecting telescope
High levels of UV radiation, either short term or long term, are known or believed to cause all of the following except
ozone depletion
A point at which the weight may be considered as acting
center of gravity
A pair of forces equal in magnitude, oppose in direction, and not in the same line
When a body is in equlibrium, the vector sum of all the forces acting on it is zero
the first condition for equilibrium
The work done by a force of 1 dyne exerted through a distance of 1cm
Which of the following is not an effect of friction
reduces power needed
The numerical measure of inertia
The outward force exerted by the moving object on the agent
centrifugal reaction
Defined as 1/pi candle per square centimeter
An instrument which measures a constant fraction of the radiant flux and which is calibrated in units of luminance
foot candle meter
This states that light progresses as a wave, that every point on a wave front acts as a secondardy source sending ahead wavelets, and that at any instant the new wave front is the surface tangent to all these wavelets
Huygens principle
The point to which the rays parallel to the principal axis are brought to a focus
principal focus
The ratio of the angle subtended at the eye by the image to the angle subtended by the object
angular magnification
A double prism that produces deviation without dispersion
achromatic prism
Who developed a wave equation, the solution of which described the wave amplitude of the matter waves as well as the allowed energy values the particle can have
Erwin Schrodinger
The shift in wavelength upon scattering of light from stationary electrons
Compton effect
Occurs in layers of fluid which are bounded by two planes almost perpendicular to an axis of rotation, but not quite parallel to each other
Rossby Wave
These are highly penetrating electromagnetic radiation, not deflected by magnetic or electric fields, and produce little ionization
gamma particles
These are electrons, deflected by magnetic and electric fields, show much greater penetration and produce less ionization
beta particles
Positively charged helium nuclei, deflected by magnetic and electric fields, show small penetration, and produce great ionization
alpha particles
A fundamental subatomic particle that is 20 times heavier than an electron
A device that enables one to count radioactive radiations or other radiations that will ionize the gas of the counter tube
Geiger counter
In fluid mechanics, this shows that the pressure of a field decreases as the speed of the fluid increases. In addition, the pressure of a fluid decreases as the elevation increases
Bernoulli's equation
In electrodynamics, what term refers to the average sped of the charge carriers
drift speed
A property exhibited by materials whose atoms or ions tend to assume an ordered but nonparallel arrangement in zero applied field below a temperature known as the Neel temperature
The time rate of doing work
The resistance encountered by solids passing through fluids and the friction set up with liquids and gases
Fluid friction
The acceleration a body undergoes when it is "at rest" in a rotating non-inertial frame of reference
centripetal acceleration
States that the total moment created by a force's components is equal to the moment created by the force itself
Varignon's Theorem
Is the resistive force acting between bodies that tends to oppose and damp out motion
The friction needed to start a body at rest into motion
static friction
The force that a mass experiences due to gravity of another mass
The study of friction is called
A unit of angular acceleration equal to 10^-9/s^2
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